State of the Site 2023 and Launch of Memberships

It has been over 4-5 years since I did a similar post. But with the big change introduced recently, I wanted to communicate the motive behind such a move. Update (Sep 25, 2023): Just wanted to share that I am grateful for all the positive messages. I appreciate those of … read more

HTPC Beginner is now Smart Home Beginner

Few months back, we launched as a separate resource site for beginners and enthusiasts new to home automation topics and news. However, over the last few weeks I realized that and are more similar than not. Therefore, after much thought, it makes logical sense to bring htpcBeginner … read more

Plex VR app for Google Daydream released

Watch Plex In Vr Using Daydream Hero | Smarthomebeginner

Here at htpcBeginner, we’re huge Plex fans. Ever since discovering Plex, my journey into cord cutting began. Though it’s best known as a do-it-yourself (DIY) Netflix or Spotify, Plex far surpasses mere media server software. Rather, it’s an entire home theatre PC (HTPC) experiance. Enhancements include DVR and live TV … read more

64-bit Version of Kodi now available

Kodi Wallpaper 35C 1080P Samfisher | Smarthomebeginner

Open-source software is loved by hobbyists and hackers everywhere. One of the most most popular is Kodi. Although Kodi is one of the most widely used home theatre PC (HTPC) applications, many aren’t happy with the installation options. In spite of how great Kodi is, the lack of a 64-bit … read more

Kodi added to Xbox One: Kodi now available on Xbox One

Kodi Is Now Available On Xbox One.

Some might fondly remember their first home theatre PC (HTPC) application as Xbox Media Center, or XBMC. Truly, this was the first HTPC application for the masses. XBMC was available on the original Xbox.ย  The developers opted to port it to several other devices. This was because of the incredible … read more

Plexamp released: Plex incubator standalone music player


Plex ranks as one of our favorite media server software options here at htpcBeginner. It’s intuitive to set up while boasting a bevy of features for home theatre buffs. Now, Plex furthers its foray into the media center space with its Winamp-esque music player. With Plexamp released, there’s a Plex … read more

Disney Fox merger: Disney buys 21st Century Fox in massive deal

Disney Streaming Service Hero

With its forthcoming Disney streaming service, as well as ESPN-branded sports streaming offering, Disney continues to dominate. Now, the hugely popular company further changes the entertainment industry. In a massive deal worth over $52 billion in stock, a Disney Fox merger lets Disney buy 21st Century Fox. [Read: 5 Best … read more

FunimationNow Android TV app released

Funimation Logo | Smarthomebeginner

The Nvidia Shield TV is an excellent device. It’s arguably the top Plex client device and Kodi box available. It’s a capable game streaming gadget, and retro gaming arcade. Plus, with its smart home components, the Shield TV may act as a smart home hub. Until recently, the Shield TV … read more