UE Blast and Megablast gain Alexa functionality

There are loads of smart speaker options, as well as smart artificial intelligence (AI) assistants. Now, UE graces its line of speakers with Alexa integration. The UE Blast and Megablast gain Alexa functionality in a major update. Because of this, the Megablast and Blast offer an affordable, stylish means of … read more

KRACK could cripple smart home Wi-Fi

Don’t panic. Yet. But a major security flaw, KRACK, compromised Wi-Fi routers worldwide. As CNET reports, KRACK could cripple smart home Wi-Fi networks, slamming them the most. [Read: Security flaws found in Insteon and Wink smart home systems: What this means and what you can do] Wi-Fi exploit makes network … read more

“Works with Sonos” to open up the company’s speakers to third-party apps

Sonos wants their speakers in people’s homes and they’re taking serious steps to make sure it happens. The Verge reports that the company announced a form of certification that lets their products interact with more third-party products than ever. This new certification, called “Works with Sonos,” will allow all manner of … read more

Plex News launches: Watch streaming news content on Plex

Earlier in 2017, Plex announced its acquisition of Watchup. A partnership remained a little vague, but now it’s clear what Plex snagging Watchup means. New to Plex, there’s a nifty news feature. Learn what it means that Plex News launches, and how to stream news content. [Read: Plex for Kodi … read more