FunimationNow Android TV app released

The Nvidia Shield TV is an excellent device. It's arguably the top Plex client device and Kodi box available. It's a capable game streaming gadget, and retro gaming arcade. Plus, with its smart home components, the Shield TV may act as a smart home hub. Until recently, the Shield TV lacked the FunimationNow app. However, there's a new FunimationNow Android TV app. Learn more about what FunimationNow, the Android TV app, and more! [Read: 5 best wireless Nvidia Shield TV controller options]

What is FunimationNow?

Funimation is a TV streaming service that allows people to watch TV shows online. Unlike most other TV sites, Funimation only streams anime series. One of the most important aspects of this service is simulcasting. This is when TV streaming services release new episodes soon after the air on traditional TV broadcasting. This is an important feature for many subscribers to the Funimation service. However, unlike its competitor Crunchyroll, Funimation offers no free content. In addition, Crunchyroll offers releases of English-subtitled episodes as early as an hour after being aired on Japanese TV. Unlike Crunchyroll, Funimation offers a select list of shows with English voice actors, although they simulcast fewer shows. This service is now more accessible than ever, because the FuninationNow Android TV app released on the Play Store.

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Funimation Platorm Availability - Funimationnow Android Tv App
Funimation Is Attractively Priced, And Is Available On Many Different Platforms.

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FuninationNow Android TV app released

Recently, the FunimationNow Android TV App released. As a result, their content is now available on mobile Android platforms, as well as on Android TV devices. The availability of this content is a big draw for users. Reducing the difficulty for users to access content can help reduce piracy. Furthermore, increasing the access to the content means more users are likely to sign up for the service. Android TV apps are easy to use and navigate on devices like the Fire and other similar devices. In addition, FunimationNow is also available on the Nvidia Shield, another user-friendly platform. With the release of the FunimationNow Android TV and Nvidia Shield apps, it is easier than ever for anime fans to stream their favorite shows. [Read: WeTek Play 2 Android streaming box review: Streaming plus live TV]

Switching to Streaming

Up until recently, many anime fans have relied upon online streaming sites and other illegal distribution methods. These ways of viewing content can be irksome for Western anime fans. Most Western fans of the show couldn't even watch the content legally if they wanted to. Very few TV packages offer Japanese channels, for obvious reasons. Subscribing to FunimationNow, and using the Android TV or Nvidia Shield app means that it is easier than ever for users to watch their favorite anime series, and do it legally. More and more media companies and their conglomerates have released streaming services that make paying for TV, instead of downloading it illegally, an attractive option. For more news on streaming, Android TV and more, keep checking back on htpcBeginner.

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