Kodi added to Xbox One: Kodi now available on Xbox One

Some might fondly remember their first home theatre PC (HTPC) application as Xbox Media Center, or XBMC. Truly, this was the first HTPC application for the masses. XBMC was available on the original Xbox.  The developers opted to port it to several other devices. This was because of the incredible design and features of the program. The software later became so popular, it was eventually renamed Kodi. As a result, Kodi is a mainstay in the HTPC community, and available on a huge number of devices. While Kodi is widely adopted, it is missing from some living rooms. The Kodi team has tried to fix this by adding support for a new platform. With Kodi added to Xbox One consoles, Kodi is now available on Xbox One. [Read: 6 best legal Kodi TV show addons 2017 – TV show addons for Kodi]

An Xbox One Console.
An Xbox One Console.

Kodi now available on Xbox One

As a result of changing device landscapes, XBMC development for the Xbox stopped in 2010. The Xbox 360 had no software similar to Kodi, and the Xbox One was forced to look on in jealousy as the PS4 received Kodi support. However, Microsoft began to make changes to their device ecosystem that would enable the Kodi team to deploy the application in new ways. Universal Windows Platform (UWP) meant that the team could build more universal applications. This was first shown when Kodi was ported to the Windows Store.  However, the team was still stuck with the 32-bit architecture, meaning that releasing the application on Xbox One would be difficult. In spite of these perceived challenges, a 64-bit version of Kodi showed signs of life earlier this year. This paved the way for an Xbox One release. As of writing, the application is available worldwide on the Xbox Store. [ReadHow to install Plex on Xbox One – Use your Xbox One as a Plex client]

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Growing pains

Even though the Kodi team was able to overcome a great deal of technical hurdles, Kodi is still not perfect. The migration from 32 to 64-bit architecture has meant there are some bumps in the road. Currently, the Kodi app on Xbox One only supports the NFS protocol, and does not have access to the disc drive. Accessing attached storage drives is not possible either, although users can access media stored on their Xbox console. Then again, it will most likely allow many users to use Kodi with their home theater system, and development for the Xbox One will surely continue. Because of its newfound Kodi app, the Xbox One is truly one of the best consoles available both for gaming and media center purposes. It's an excellent Plex client device or Emby server client. Try installing Plex or these 13 best streaming apps for Xbox One to maximize your Xbox HTPC experience.

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