Kodi added to Xbox One: Kodi now available on Xbox One

Kodi Is Now Available On Xbox One.

Some might fondly remember their first home theatre PC (HTPC) application as Xbox Media Center, or XBMC. Truly, this was the first HTPC application for the masses. XBMC was available on the original Xbox.  The developers opted to port it to several other devices. This was because of the incredible … read more

10 Best legal Kodi streaming boxes – Best Kodi box 2017

Legal Kodi Box

Kodi media center has made the headlines recently in countries across the globe and for the wrong reasons. In its standard form, Kodi is perfectly legal. But its ability to install third-party addons allows the user to stream pirated content yields the potential for copyright infringement. A Kodi box is illegal when … read more

5 Best Linux Laptops You Can Buy in 2017 – Linux Compatible Laptops


Linux operating systems are popular especially with home server, HTPC, and system administration enthusiasts. Often Linux machines are do-it-yourself (DIY) projects where end users install a Linux distribution (distro) on existing hardware. Yet there’s a thriving market for pre-built Linux laptops. Buying a Linux laptop yields several advantages. Primarily, there’s … read more

Amazon bans Kodi box sales and suspends anyone selling them

Kodi Piracy Box Sellers Threaten Kodi

There is a difference between purchasing your own Kodi media player and loading it with your favorite addons, and buying the infamous “fully-loaded” Kodi boxes. Lots of opportunist sellers have made profit by installing addons to stream pirated content on Kodi boxes and then selling them at insane prices to … read more