6 Best Raspberry Pi Imager Options and My Surprise Top Pick

Best Raspberry Pi Imager for Windows, Linux and MacOS

Raspberry Pi Imager apps can help write images to SD card as well as make backups of your existing SD cards for disaster recover. This post features list of imager apps available Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pis have become an integral part of many homelabs over the years. From running PiHole … read more

How to setup a VPN on Amazon Fire TV

VPN on Amazon Fire TV is the greatest, most wonderful experience there is. Amazon Fire TV VPN setup is usually not something I can get excited about. You have all kinds of configuration files and sloppy tutorials written in the previous decade. You have to worry about installing other software, … read more

How to create a LibreELEC live USB: LibreELEC USB install


The LibreELEC version of Kodi media center embedded in Linux is amazing. LibreELEC remains a versatile Kodi embedded Linux distro. I installed it onto a USB flash drive just to give it a test run and decided to keep it. Learn how to install LibreELEC create a LibreELEC live USB … read more