Plex Live TV for Roku comes out: Watch, pause, rewind live TV

Plex, one of our favorite media server software options here at htpcBeginner, keeps improving. In a major update, Plex Live TV for Roku is now available. This is a massive move, and further helps Plex users to cut the cord. [Read: How to use Plex VR in Daydream: Watch Plex in VR using Daydream]

Plex Live TV for Roku update

Plex Live Tv For Roku - Roku Live Tv Feature
Now, Plex Live Tv Is Available For Roku Devices

After adding its Live TV functionality for Roku devices, users may pause, skip, and resume while watching television. To utilize the Plex Live TV feature, you'll need a Plex server, as well as TV tuner, and compatible USB adapter. [Read: Plex for Kodi becomes free: Watch Plex on Kodi, no Plex Pass required]

Best Plex Client Devices:
  1. NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro Home Media Server - $199.99 Editors Pick
  2. Amazon Fire TV Streaming Media Player - $89.99
  3. Roku Premiere+ 4K UHD - $83.99
  4. CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit - $69.99
  5. Xbox One 500 GB Console - $264.99

This really hones the Plex platform, making it the perfect platform for cord cutters. Because Plex is essentially a do-it-yourself (DIY) Netflix and Spotify, with a live TV and DVR functionality, it's increasingly easy to use Plex for all your streaming needs. Plus, Plex rolled out its news streaming options as well. Therefore, the server software is truly a comprehensive service for cord cutters. [Read: Troubleshooting Plex buffering - Solutions for when Plex keeps pausing]

  • Plex Live TV is now available on Roku, Plex Web, Amazon Fire TV, Android (mobile), Android TV, Apple TV, and iOS devices.

  • While users cannot yet schedule recordings through Plex DVR on Roku devices, they CAN watch recordings from other supported platforms, including Web, Android (mobile), Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and iOS devices, on their Roku.

  • A beta release is out now with plans to release to all Plex Pass subscribers in about a week.

More functionality for Plex client devices

Plex Live Tv For Roku - Plex Live Tv On Roku
The Roku Just Improved Greatly As A Plex Client Device

Loads of Plex client devices offer superb streaming options. Our Editor's Choice is still the Nvidia Shield TV since it's the best 4K streaming box, is compatible with Plex Live TV and DVR, and can run a Plex server. Additionally, the Shield TV is a capable gaming machine for both game streaming and playing emulators.

But with this latest Plex Live TV for Roku update, the Roku remains an excellent Plex client gadget.

What Plex devices are you using, and how has Plex helped you cut the cord?

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