Plex vs Emby vs Jellyfin vs Kodi: In-depth Comparison [2020]

Plex Vs Emby Vs Kodi Vs Jellyfin

Plex vs Emby, which one to pick? Or, is Kodi better? What about the newcomer Jellyfin? This updated guide presents the differences between Plex and Emby as well as compares them to Kodi to help you make the decision. There are several media server software options available to pick from. … read more

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Complete Plex IPTV Guide [2021]: IPTV on Plex still works

Plex Iptv Setup Guide - Watch Iptv On Plex

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Plex, your all-in-one media server, were also able to play IPTV channels? Believe it or not, this is still possible in 2021 and this Plex IPTV guide will show you how. Plex is an awesome media server, which is why it is part of my … read more


Home media streaming – Quick Start guide

Servertower - Smarthomebeginner

There is no better way to enjoy and access your media than a home server. The time has come to piece together a streaming media setup and htpcBeginner has a quick-start guide to get a do-it-yourself (DIY) home media server ready right now. What is a Home Server? A home server can … read more


Plex VR app for Google Daydream released

Watch Plex In Vr Using Daydream Hero - Smarthomebeginner

Here at htpcBeginner, we’re huge Plex fans. Ever since discovering Plex, my journey into cord cutting began. Though it’s best known as a do-it-yourself (DIY) Netflix or Spotify, Plex far surpasses mere media server software. Rather, it’s an entire home theatre PC (HTPC) experiance. Enhancements include DVR and live TV … read more


10 Best Plex client devices 2018: Pre-built and DIY options

Best Plex Client Devices 2018 Hero

There are several media server software options. From Madsonic and Subsonic to Plex and Emby, it’s easy to cobble together a do-it-yourself Netflix and even Spotify experience. While tons of options exist, Plex remains one of the most popular software alternatives. Check out the best Plex client devices 2018 to … read more


Plexamp released: Plex incubator standalone music player


Plex ranks as one of our favorite media server software options here at htpcBeginner. It’s intuitive to set up while boasting a bevy of features for home theatre buffs. Now, Plex furthers its foray into the media center space with its Winamp-esque music player. With Plexamp released, there’s a Plex … read more


Plex Live TV for Roku comes out: Watch, pause, rewind live TV

Hero Roku Live Tv Lifestyle Hero1 - Smarthomebeginner

Plex, one of our favorite media server software options here at htpcBeginner, keeps improving. In a major update, Plex Live TV for Roku is now available. This is a massive move, and further helps Plex users to cut the cord. [Read: How to use Plex VR in Daydream: Watch Plex … read more