Wireguard Windows Setup [2021]: Powerful VPN for Windows

Wireguard Windows Setup Header - Smarthomebeginner

Want to use your Windows system as a VPN server for your devices to connect as clients? This guide shows Wireguard Windows setup in detail. After Wireguard’s inception in Linux, it has been ported to nearly every other operating system. We published an introduction to Wireguard for beginners, in a … read more

Nextcloud Docker with Traefik Reverse Proxy for Beginners

Nextcloud Docker Traefik

With the recent changes to Google photos storage, are you looking for a self-hosted cloud storage solution? This guide will show you how to combine Docker Nextcloud with Traefik to create your own robust cloud storage. In addition to the changes to Google Photos, the growing list of privacy concerns, … read more

Wireguard VPN Intro in 15 min: Amazing new VPN Protocol

Wireguard, Fast, Modern, Secure Vpn Tunnel

Wireguard protocol for VPN is getting hotter by the day. If you are a beginner and do not know what Wireguard VPN is and how it compares to OpenVPN and other VPN protocols, then you have come to the right place. VPN’s! Everyone’s favorite tool to watch Netflix/HBO/etc. while traveling … read more