Raspberry Pi Voice: Control your home with a Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is an very cheap piece of hardware.  A Raspberry Pi is often used as a media server and player, and can even play retro video games. However, the lack of an on-board microphone and few connections limit the Pi. Despite these challenges, the Raspberry Pi is now a contender in the home automation arena. In this article, we're going to be talking about a new piece of hardware for the Raspberry Pi. Read on to find out more about how the Raspberry Pi  can take over your entire home! [Read: Icecast Ices2 music server for Raspberry Pi: Raspberry Pi streaming audio server]


The Talking Pi Allows You To Use Voice Commands With Your Pi.
The Talking Pi Allows You To Use Voice Commands With Your Pi.

The German company Joy-It makes a all sorts of hardware for the Pi. While they make all sorts of different components, the real draw is the Talking Pi board. This board contains a microphone to interface with the Raspberry Pi, allowing you to use voice commands with a Pi to automate your home.Home automation usually isn't cheap, but these boards are very inexpensive. Despite the low cost, these boards significantly increase the power of your Raspberry Pi. In addition to straightforward hardware, the company also has software to work with these pieces of kit. Even though the Pi is open source, you can use the Joy-It parts to connect to your Google Home brand speaker to build your home automation network. Although the software is easy-to-use, it does allow more advanced users a world of possibilities for automating your home with a Raspberry Pi.

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Home Automation

Home automation is a popular topic, but there hasn't been much development for the Raspberry Pi. Big companies like Google and Amazon have all but perfected speech controls for home automation. In spite ofthis, brand-name devices lack the ability to power and control non-IOT devices. The Joy-It is a perfect addition to both your Raspberry Pi and your home automation network. You can configure everything, from lamps to a coffee maker. Try it out and show us your home automation projects! [Read: Pi Torrent Box: Configure Transmission on Raspberry Pi]

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