5 Best Smartthings Garage door sensors in 2018 – reviewed and compared


Smart home technology offers many benefits. Namely, there’s ample opportunity for smart home automation. This works through device connectivity, where smart home gadgets communicate and trigger various events. While there are many communication protocols, Samsung SmartThings delivers top-notch compatibility. Since it functions with many protocols including Zigbee and Z-Wave, Samsung … read more

5 Best Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor options for home automation in 2018

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In the smart home space, devices connect using various protocols. Z-Wave is a radio frequency (RF) protocol which provides connectivity and interoperability between individual gadgets. It’s similar to Wi-Fi or Zigbee. Loads of devices utilize the Z-Wave protocol, from security cameras to door locks. Z-wave components are an essential part … read more

Best Smartthings compatible devices – Top 15 choices in 2018

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In the smart home realm, there are loads of protocols and connectivity options. Among the most popular and prevalent, there’s Samsung SmartThings. A bevy of gadgets works with SmartThings offering smart home automation and control. But to integrate devices, it’s essential to find tech which functions with the proper protocol. … read more

10 Best Plex client devices 2018: Pre-built and DIY options

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There are several media server software options. From Madsonic and Subsonic to Plex and Emby, it’s easy to cobble together a do-it-yourself Netflix and even Spotify experience. While tons of options exist, Plex remains one of the most popular software alternatives. Check out the best Plex client devices 2018 to … read more