Wireguard Windows Setup [2021]: Powerful VPN for Windows

Wireguard Windows Setup Header - Smarthomebeginner

Want to use your Windows system as a VPN server for your devices to connect as clients? This guide shows Wireguard Windows setup in detail. After Wireguard’s inception in Linux, it has been ported to nearly every other operating system. We published an introduction to Wireguard for beginners, in a … read more

New FCC Regulations Allow ISP Tracking: How to Protect Yourself?

Rotect Yourself Against Isp Tracking By Using A Vpn Service

Are you concerned about the new FCC regulation that authorizes ISP tracking of your browsing and lets them sell your browsing history? You should be. Consumer privacy is now threatened, according to a new ruling by the US Congress. Basically, your ISP is now authorized to sell your browsing information to … read more