Add and style post pagination in Genesis Themes without a plugin

Genesis Post Pagination | Smarthomebeginner

This post describes how to add post pagination in Genesis Theme Framework without a plugin and style it using CSS. Most bloggers know that splitting posts into pages is one way of increasing pageviews, decreasing bounce rate, and increasing CTR. StudioPress’s Genesis Theme Framework offers some of the professionally designed … read more

Automatic WordPress backup to Google Drive

Wordpress To Google Drive | Smarthomebeginner

I regularly backup my WordPress files and the MySQL database on my internal network. While this is safe, what about emergencies where I lose my server and my backup drive? This though drove me to come up with a online WordPress backup solution. One of the first online storage service … read more

Add StudioPress Genesis theme custom logo image

Genesis Theme Framework Ft | Smarthomebeginner

With the availability of low cost WordPress hosting, numerous WordPress blogs have sprung up in the recent years. StudioPress’s Genesis Theme Framework offer some of the professionally designed WordPress themes and templates. I wanted to change the header section title to an image logo on one of my StudioPress sites. … read more

Stop homescreen and notification bar ads on android devices

Mobile Spam | Smarthomebeginner

Recently, sneaky developers have incorporated stealthy methods (example: AirPush) into android apps to display ads in android devices. Since last week I started receiving ads and spams through android push notification. I also started noticing android mobile ads in the homescreen as icon, which when clicked opens an ad in … read more

Install Transmission with web interface on Ubuntu

Transmission 2.84

Transmission bittorrent is probably the most common bittorent client for Linux platforms. Transmission web interface is like a thin client yet feature-rich and aesthetically pleasing. Bittorrent client for Windows and Linux are both available. I have previously written articles on how to install Deluge with webui on Lucid Lynx server … read more

Change WordPress login logo

Linuxplained Login Logo

WordPress login page comes with a default WordPress logo that points to “” and the alt text says “Powered by WordPress”. While I am grateful to WordPress, I would like my visitors/registered users to be able to identify my blog easily. The fact that you are reading this shows that … read more

Install deluge web interface on Ubuntu

Deluge Torrent Client

Deluge torrent is one of my favorite torrent download client and a great alternative for transmission torrent. I especially like its ability to run as a thin client and the feature rich torrent web ui. It has a bittorrent client for windows and linux. I started using it since Lucid … read more

Safely change primary group of a user in Linux

Change User Group Linux

When it comes to user permission even a system administrator sometimes gets confused. No matter what linux training or administration training courses one has had one mistake and sever management can become a hell. Same holds true even for a Linux user at home. One has to be extremely careful … read more