Fix Atheros AR9287 Wireless Card Problems in Ubuntu?

I upgraded the wireless card from Atheros AR9285 to Atheros AR9287 which can do 300 Mbps connections. However, I found that the problems in wifi connection: dropped frequently (almost every 30 seconds or so) in Ubuntu. This problem did not occur in Windows 7. So I had a new task at hand: fix Atheros AR9287 wireless card problems in Ubuntu.

Googling led me to this post: and I began troubleshooting Wifi.

However, it was for Karmic/Jaunty and did not work for Lucid. In Lucid Lynx, install the following package to get the Atheros AR 9287 wireless card to work properly.

Fix for Atheros AR9287 Wireless Card Problems

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic

Ubuntu Wireless Card Problems

Reboot your computer and hopefully your problem is gone like it did with mine. Alternatively, you could upgrade to on one of the cards listed below that have been tested to work with Ubuntu.

Good Wifi Cards that are compatible with Ubuntu

Medialink - Wireless N USB Adapter - 802.11n - 150Mbps - 2.4ghz - Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP 32-Bit and 64-Bit / Vista 32-Bit and 64-Bit / Windows 7 32-Bit and 64-Bit Compatibleir?t=htpcbeg 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B002RM08RE

TP-Link TL-WN722N 150Mbps High Gain Wireless USB Adapterir?t=htpcbeg 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B002WBX9C6

Intel Ultimate N 633ANHMW IEEE 802.11n (draft) Wi-Fi Adapter - Mini PCI Express - 450Mbps, Bulkir?t=htpcbeg 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0038A9HSK

Panda Mini Wifi (b/g/n) 150Mbps Wireless-N 2.4GHz USB Adapter - Windows XP/ Vista/ 7, Mac OS X, Ubuntu 11, Mint 11 and Fedora 15 Compatibleir?t=htpcbeg 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B003283M6Q

TP-Link TL-WN951N 300Mbps Wireless N PCI Adapterir?t=htpcbeg 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0034CL2ZI

Update: If this solution posted on this page does not work for you in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin, please check this post.

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