Genesis Theme Customization: Banner between post content and pagination

Genesis Theme Framework is one of the most feature-full theme platforms available to run WordPress. Impressed with its features and customizability, we moved LinuXplained to Genesis Lifestyle theme in June 2012. Since moving to Genesis, our traffic has continually increased. Of course, we made other improvements as well but premium paid themes do have several benefits that will help your site in the long run. In this post, I will describe a Genesis Theme customization that allows you to add custom content between post content and pagination, addressing a recent request from one of the readers. While most Genesis theme customizations are fairly easy, some require a bit of work. In fact, adding custom pagination is one such Genesis theme customization. After adding and styling post pagination, if you are interested in inserting custom banner or content between the post content and pagination (as shown in the picture below), please read on.

Genesis Theme Customization
Banner Between Post Content And Pagination

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Genesis Theme Customization: Banner between post content and pagination

Adding advertisements and affiliate banners at the end of the post is one way to significantly boost click-through rate. A reader who reads until the end of post content is a genuinely interested reader. By providing relevant ads and affiliate links to such readers you drastically increase the chances of making some much-needed money to keep your site going. For this reason, below post content is one of the hottest regions to place ads. As shown above, we decided to place relevant affiliate banners at the end of the post. So let us look to how to implement this Genesis Theme customization.

Edit post.php

This Genesis theme customization involves editing the post.php under /wp-content/themes/genesis/lib/structure. Before you start editing the code, I recommend creating a backup in case something goes wrong. After backing up the file, open post.php and modify the function genesis_do_post_content as shown below:

Genesis Theme Customization
Genesis Do Post Content Function (Click Here For Text Code)

In the line that says "ADD YOUR HTML CONTENT HERE", you may add your custom code. To achieve what is shown in the picture above, I added the following code block in this location:

Genesis Theme Customization
Custom Html Code

You may download the above code using the download button below:

(Click Here To See The Full Code)

Essentially, the above code achieves three different things:

  1. The first row of the table contains the HTML code for the affiliate banner. Alternatively, if you know PHP, you can call a PHP file here and display banners dynamically for posts and/or pages.
  2. The first column of the second row contains PHP code to show last updated date.
  3. The second column of the second row contains the PHP code to show post pagination.
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Things to keep in mind

Remember that this Genesis Theme Customization involves editing the base Genesis Theme Framework. The drawback is that any customizations are lost/overwritten during Genesis Theme Framework updates. Second, the above code is just an example. Using tables instead of CSS is not the most efficient way of customizing placements. Consider using CSS instead of tables.

Easy isn't it? what are you waiting for? The possibilities are endless. Go ahead and implement this Genesis theme customization and enhance your ad or affiliate income.

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