Samsung SmartThings vs Wink Hub – Which one is better for whom?

In the smart home space, both the Wink Hub and Samsung SmartThings are excellent for connectivity. Find out which is better in this Samsung SmartThings vs Wink Hub comparison!

Wink or SmartThings? It’s a difficult question

Trying to pick between the Wink or SmartThings hub is not an easy decision. Both offer affordable and powerful hubs that serve a single access point for smart home devices. Using either makes control and management of an assortment of standalone products significantly easier.

Samsung and Wink's hubs rank high in their function to cost ratio. Each comes with many of the same features as much more costly competitors. While doing a SmartThings vs Wink comparison, it was easy to see how similar these products are. Yet they differ in some very key ways. Here at SmartHomeBeginner, we look at the strengths and weaknesses of each product. The ultimate goal is to assesses how they handle similar functions differently. All to figure out which is best for what type of consumer.

Wink Hub

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The Wink Hub allows a diverse collection of smart products to all speak the same language. Standalone home technology is integrated mobility and controlled through the Wink app. The company boasts connectivity with hundreds of smart products like Bali automated blinds, GE Link LEDs, GE Remote Enabled Convection Wall Ovens, the Kidde Wireless Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Kwikset SmartCode 910 Deadbolts, and more.

The Wink Hub can also interpret a selection of network protocols. This list includes some of the most commons forms of wireless networking, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Lutron ClearConnect, and Kidde. Some reviews report problems pairing products with the hub. Though these seem relatively minor and updates to the app have sought to address these issues. It’s a small and cheap tool for smart home control. Its appearance could be improved, but its affordability and versatility make it a strong choice.

Samsung Smart Things

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The SmartThings Hub is one of the technology giant Samsung's additions to the smart home market. Like the Wink, the SmartThings connects wirelessly with hundreds of devices allowing for mobility, security, and control. Where SmartThings begins to differ from its counterpart is the selection of brands it's been designed to function with. Products from Samsung, Bose, Schlage, Yale, Cree, Osram Lightify, Honeywell, First Alert, and more easily connect with the device.

The hub is managed through the free SmartThings app. A simple, intuitive program that puts complete control and monitoring of sensors, lights, locks, and cameras in the user's hand. Set-up is easy and the unit has a 10-hour battery power back up in case there is ever a power interruption. The hub also requires a direct connection to an Internet router, taking some of the freedom out of its placement. SmartThings can communicate using  ZigBee, Z-Wave, and IP protocols and has a broadcast range of 130 feet. This is more than enough for most homes.

Which is better, SmartThings or Wink?

A SmartThings-Wink comparison is no small matter. Both systems are very similar in both cost and function. Those already very familiar with Samsung's line of products and the Android operating system will find that very familiar. It has a sleeker design. Wink is best if you already own or are planning to invest outside of Z-wave or Zigbee protocol using smart tools. It was made to compete in a market filled with other options. Its low price and adaptability do just that.

SmartThings covers a wider range of brands than the Wink. The company has made a deliberate choice to include more traditional housewares brands like Honeywell and First Alert. Those who choose to upgrade their homes with more familiar brands should stick with Samsung. Consumers should always look to make sure any smart home products they purchase meet the requirements of their hub. These products are tools to unite the smart customization of a home into one easily managed and monitored system.

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