The 6 best legal Kodi movie addons 2017 – Movie addons for Kodi

Kodi addons have a reputation of being illegal and not DRM friendly. That is the case with a lot of addons that come from unofficial repositories. However, there are tons of legal Kodi addons for broadcast TV streaming and general streaming. In this post I will go over a list of the best legal Kodi movie addons 2017.  If you are interested in the unofficial movie addons look no further. [Read: 10 Best legal Kodi streaming boxes - Best Kodi box 2017]

The 6 best legal Kodi movie addons 2017 - Movie addons for Kodi

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1. SnagFilms


SnagFilms is a free addon with a library of over 5000 TV shows and movies combined. When you go to the website it looks and works a lot like paid services such as Netflix. The big difference here is that it's a free service. SnagFilms acquires movie and tv show licenses and offer most of them for free. [Read: 5 Best legal Kodi anime addons for your Kodi HTPC]


Award winners, Classic movies, Politics, Faith and spirituality, Music, Arts and Culture, Sports, Drama, Foreign films, Kids & family, Comedy, Health and food, LGBT, Crime, Animation, Horror, Short films, Action.

Video Quality

SnagFilms offers high quality ranging from SD to HD. Depending on how fast you can stream the video, the quality will improve.

Video buffering

If you are watching a HD video and you try to fast forward you might encounter a slight delay for a short while, but on the lower resolution options this is not a big issue.

2. Viewster

Viewster Best Legal Kodi Movie Addons 2017

Viewster is a legal Kodi addon as well as a streaming website which offers thousands of independent movies and a few TV shows. The content comes from their partners which includes STARZ, 20th Century Fox, BBC, and HBO.


Anime, Sci-Fi, Action, Martial Arts, Horror, Comedy, Drama, Korean Drama, Documentary, Animation, Classics, Crime & Gangster, Festival Darlings, Music & Musicals, Romance, Thrillers, LGBT, War, and Western.

Video Quality

Quality range from 234p to 480p so it is only in the SD area.

Video buffering

The buffering is fairly fast, but again the quality is lower than SnagFilms for example.

3. Internet Archive

 Internet Archive

If you are into classic movies this is a good option. Internet Archive is a database and a website with a huge amount of stuff not only classic movies, but also radio, software, games, and a lot of cool things. On the addons site things you have to tinker a little bit to get it working in Kodi. The addons used to be maintained in the official Kodi repository, but as the time of writing that version is not functional. Yet a guy called MetalChris provided an Internet Archive version that works.


Sci-fi, Horror, Comedy, Silent films, Short films, 35 mm stock footage.

Video Quality

Ranging from SD to HD, some content does not have the HD option.

Video buffering

It is quite good and I have not had any long delays or anything of the sort.

4. FilmRise

Filmrise Best Legal Kodi Movie Addons

An often forgotten addon, FilmRise is one of the best Kodi addons for movies 2017. It is a real shame, because it has lots of content with about 5,000 movie and TV titles. On the content side of things, FilmRise acquires movie licenses and offers them for free on YouTube. A thing to keep in mind, is that most of the content is only available in the United States. A VPN will take care of that issue if you don't live in the States.


An issue I encountered with FilmRise is that they don't categorize their movies in genres, they just make one big Movie category so you need to do some digging if you wan't to find a particular genre.

Video Quality

Ranging from SD to HD, depending on the movie.

Video buffering

The buffering is close to perfect. I had no issues whatsoever. It is YouTube powering FilmRise after all.

5. Plex for Kodi

Maxresdefault | Smarthomebeginner
Plex is on one side a media player and on the other side a media server, your desktop pc could be the web server which holds and organizes your media library, and your Kodi box is the Plex media player streaming the media. The Kodi plus Plex combo is a good combination bringing the best from both worlds, and that's why it is included in this list of the best legal Kodi movie addons 2017. The simplicity and ease of use on many streaming devices from Plex and the customization and flexibility from Kodi. Plex has recently made the addon free which is great news.


It depends on the server you choose to stream from.

Video Quality

It really depends on which content the web server holds in it's library, so everything from SD to UHD.

Video buffering

This is a bit tricky to answer because there is a lot of variables such as, how powerful the media player and the server is. How fast internet you got, and how big the files, plus which type of codec and so on. But with a optimal setup you will have good buffering.

6. Netflix

Watch Legal Anime On Kodi
Netflix is still one of the most popular streaming service right now, so it make sense that people try to combine it with the most popular media center Kodi. But keep in mind this is an unofficial Netflix and therefore bugs are likely to occur. This plugin requires Kodi v18. is one of the projects trying to achieve this. Kodi 17 does not support this project and you will have to upgrade to Kodi 18.


Action & adventure, Anime, Children & family, Award winners, Classic movies, Politics, Faith and spirituality, Music, Arts and Culture, Sports, Drama, Foreign films, Kids & family, Comedy, Health and food, LGBT, Crime, Animation, Horror, Short films and many more. 

Video Quality

SD to UHD depending on the source.

Video buffering

The funny thing here is that movies work just fine while streaming. TV shows on the other hand does not work well for some reason.

Watch movies on Kodi: best legal Kodi movie addons 2017

As you can see there are a lot of options out there for the best legal Kodi movie addons. With these addons installed on your media center, you have a fair amount of content to go through on a rainy afternoon with this list of the best legal Kodi movie addons 2017. For anime fans, there are loads of legal Kodi anime addons for your HTPC. Want to make even better use of your Kodi set up? Learn how to install the Indigo addon for Kodi. Plus, find out how to access the TV Addons Kodi repo.

What legal addons do you use to watch movies on Kodi?

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