WordPress on Docker with Nginx, Traefik, LE SSL, Security, and Speed

Wordpress On Docker With Traefik And Nginx

Looking for WordPress on Docker setup that offers multi-level caching and multiple websites (including non-WordPress) with automatic LetsEncrypt certificates? This step-by-step Docker WordPress tutorial will show you how to achieve this on a Ubuntu VPS. I have been a big proponent of Docker for Home server apps. My Docker Traefik … read more

How to install MySQL Server on Ubuntu and Secure it?

Install Mysql Server On Ubuntu Ft | Smarthomebeginner

This post shows you how to install MySQL Server on Ubuntu. MySQL (My Structured Query Language) is an relational database management system that is widely used to store information (most commonly for websites). Several web applications such as WordPress, Drupal, MyBB, phpBB, etc. use MySQL to store data. It is … read more

5 Most common NAS or Home Server uses

Best Home Server Uses

Let us look at some of the most common network attached storage server or home server uses for the sake of people wondering why have a home server? Recently, we described what is HTPC and what it is used for? We also presented an energy efficient HTPC Home Server combo … read more

[Solved] Varnish WordPress comments IP address problem

Wp Comments Ip Varnish Ft | Smarthomebeginner

First, let me explain the Varnish WordPress comments IP address problem. As many of you may know I have switched to VPS from Digital Ocean and currently run a LEMP stack with Varnish Cache. All was well until recently when I discovered that all WordPress comments IP address were … read more

Setup a self-hosted CDN to speedup WordPress

Setup Self Hosted Cdn Ft | Smarthomebeginner

Setting up a self-hosted CDN can speedup WordPress by parallelizing downloads. Recently, I explained why I moved to the $5 VPS offering from Digital Ocean. I can tell you that I have been more than happy with the performance of my VPS server and my WordPress site. Until about a … read more

GoDaddy vs Synthesis vs Digital Ocean speed comparison

Digitalocean Ft | Smarthomebeginner

After 2 months of searching and comparing GoDaddy vs Synthesis vs Digital Ocean, my quest to find a web host that meets my needs has officially ended, at least for now. With the redesign and re-branding of htpcBeginner, I have been looking for a web host that is not only … read more

The easiest way to install Ubuntu Server from USB

Install Ubuntu Server From Usb

I recently showed how to install Ubuntu 14.04 Server edition. At least, couple of readers wanted to know how to install Ubuntu Server from USB. Ubuntu USB install is very simple but a lot of Linux newbies do not know how to do this. In fact, my Intel Atom based … read more