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SmartHomeBeginner.com has very strict quality guidelines and adhering to it is required for prompt payments. Upon acceptance of the payment terms listed below, your editor will communicate the guidelines to you and answer any questions.


Payments depend on the experience of the author, quality, and length of the article. All payments will be through PayPal or Bank Transfer when possible.

Payments are lower initially due to the editorial work required and the time taken to provide feedback to improve your post. As you pick up our quality guidelines and reduce editorial work, your payments will increase. The rates we offer are comparable to most websites in the niche. If we find that an author exceeds expectations, rate increases may be implemented sooner.

In short, the more you write for us the more you will make with lesser rework (once you become proficient with our guidelines).


Topics for the first few posts must be approved by the editor prior to drafting. Beyond 6 posts, the editor may, at his/her discretion, allow you to draft posts without pre-approval.

More information is available here: Write for SmartHomeBeginner

Current Need

October 7, 2020: We are currently looking for writers with good to strong knowledge/experience with Samsung SmartThings.

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Note: The application for assessing your strengths and weaknesses and not necessarily to accept/reject your interest or determine your compensation.