Monit: Monitor SickRage process status

Monitor Sickrage

Monit can monitor SickRage and notify you if it stops running for some reason. Setting up a completely automated home server is awesome. But what if one of your apps fails and you did not even know? You may be waiting for your movie or episode to be downloaded but … read more

SickRage being developed fast, but too many errors

Sickrage Interface Ft | Smarthomebeginner

Couple of years back, I compared SickRage and SickBeard and concluded by saying that I will be moving to SickRage. Today, I feel differently and here is why. The two years before I moved to SickRage, I had little to no issues with SickBeard. SickRage offered more and so I … read more

AtoMiC ToolKit – Automate your Media Center

Atomic Toolkit From

We are glad to launch AtoMiC ToolKit, a set of bash scripts that will automate installation of home server, NAS, and HTPC related software on Ubuntu Linux (including 15.05 Vivid Vervet) and its variants. You may have used our All-in-one PVR script or our AtoMiC installation scripts for Transmission WebUI, … read more

Install SickRage on Ubuntu in a few simple steps

Install Sickrage Ft | Smarthomebeginner

After a recent SickBeard vs SickRage comparison, I decided to install SickRage on Ubuntu Server 14.04, replacing my SickBeard installation that has been working well for 2 years. SickRage is a video file manager for Shows based on the popular SickBeard PVR. Like SickBeard, it also automatically downloads TV Show … read more

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