Webmin 1.820 Released: Installation and Upgrade

Webmin 1.770

Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix.Β It makes managing Apache, MySQL, NFS, SAMBA, and many other aspects of a Linux server available from the console or remotely. Learning Webmin can quickly become an asset to system administrators. This post introduces Webmin 1.820 update released on Oct 3rd, … read more

3 Best Webmin Themes for modern Linux servers

Webmin Tweaks

My increased needs prompted me to dig and find the best Webmin theme that can enhance productivity and add some convenience. Webmin is one of my favorite software for WebUI based server administration, with or without a desktop environment. It makes Ubuntu and other Linux server administration tasks (eg. setting … read more

Monit: Monitor Webmin process status

Monitor Webmin

Monit can monitor Webmin and notify you if it stops running for some reason. Setting up a completely automated home server is awesome. But what if one of your apps fails and you did not even know? You may be waiting for your movie or episode to be downloaded but … read more