Top Kodi Addons: Ultimate List of 93 Working Kodi Addons

90 Best Kodi Addons | Smarthomebeginner

In this updated best working Kodi addons list for 2018, you will find addons to cover pretty much all of your needs from streaming to smart home applications. A Kodi addon is a package which brings new features and functionality to the Kodi media center. Although many addons provide legitimate … read more

How to watch TED Talks on Kodi HTPC? – Kodi TED Talks Addon

Kodi Ted Talks Addon Image

TED Talks are videos and conferences from a small non-profit that started in 1984 and focused mainly on three aspects: technology, entertainment, and design. These talks have become very popular and their available topics have been increasing. Videos available via the Kodi TED Talks addon include inspirational talks, recent developments … read more

Amazon bans Kodi box sales and suspends anyone selling them

Kodi Piracy Box Sellers Threaten Kodi

There is a difference between purchasing your own Kodi media player and loading it with your favorite addons, and buying the infamous “fully-loaded” Kodi boxes. Lots of opportunist sellers have made profit by installing addons to stream pirated content on Kodi boxes and then selling them at insane prices to … read more

New FCC Regulations Allow ISP Tracking: How to Protect Yourself?

Rotect Yourself Against Isp Tracking By Using A Vpn Service

Are you concerned about the new FCC regulation that authorizes ISP tracking of your browsing and lets them sell your browsing history? You should be. Consumer privacy is now threatened, according to a new ruling by the US Congress. Basically, your ISP is now authorized to sell your browsing information to … read more