Too many web interfaces? Try HTPC Manager!

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As we delve deeper into the interesting world of Home Theater PCs and take advantage of the many applications available, to enjoy our favorite content in the most comfortable ways, there is a growing aspect of it all that kind of defeats the purpose: the number of apps necessary to … read more

Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet Released

Ubuntu 1504 Released | Smarthomebeginner

Ubuntu 15.04 release date was yesterday, so Vivid Vervet is already out into the wild. As you probably know, Ubuntu is a Linux distribution which integrates the latest and most prominent open source technologies, with a focus on providing ease of use and a high standard of quality. It is … read more

5 best Wireless HTPC keyboard and mouse options in 2015

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You have selected your favorite device and software to configure your HTPC. You have gone through mountains of manuals and forums, looking for information. You have finally been able to get things up and running as you like. It is time for you to reward yourself, so you turn on … read more

5 Best Android media players in 2015 for less than $100

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Since their humble and unassuming beginning in 2000 as media boxes that could stream music to your TV for a not-so-low price, Android media players have come a long way. Improvements in operating systems, hardware, and video output, have contributed them becoming great alternatives to Home Theater PCs. They are … read more