Amazon bans Kodi box sales and suspends anyone selling them

There is a difference between purchasing your own Kodi media player and loading it with your favorite addons, and buying the infamous "fully-loaded" Kodi boxes. Lots of opportunist sellers have made profit by installing addons to stream pirated content on Kodi boxes and then selling them at insane prices to non-tech savvy customers. Now Kodi piracy box sellers and their threat over Kodi are more present than ever, because Amazon has banned the sales of these "fully-loaded" devices on their platform, and most mass-media is reporting they banned Kodi, which is less likely to be true. [Read: Did Amazon block Kodi? This update suggests otherwise]

Amazon Bans Kodi Box Sales Image
Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes Might Become A Thing Of The Past, At Least On The Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon bans Kodi box sales? That's it?

Not quite. The terms of the ban are quite harsh too, which suggests a crackdown by Amazon on these sellers. The new stance taken by Amazon includes not only banning from their platform and removing sales rights. They are also threatening to destroy physical inventory on fulfillment if they find anomalies with a seller. This means physical destruction of Kodi loaded boxes if they are being held and stored in Amazon's warehouses to be shipped to customers, basically.

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What should you do? As we suggested quite some time ago, get your own vanilla Kodi box, if you don't have one yet. Do not get a fully-loaded Kodi box. Not only is it hard to control what you get, you are also vulnerable to security threats. Are Kodi addons safe? Not all of them, and it's best if you keep control of what you load and use. Check out these 10 Best Legal Streaming Addons for Kodi Media Center and enjoy your Kodi experience to the fullest!

Via: DailyMail

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