Image hotlink protection on Nginx

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If someone is serving images that are stored on your server directly on their webpage (aka image hot linking) then this image hotlink protection tip for Nginx webserver can help you. If an image is hotlinked then the domain name in its HTML src path and the webpage’s domain name … read more

How to Find Free to Use Images for Your Blog

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Visual content is massively important to your blog, it creates interest for your posts and also has the potential of increasing website traffic. Studies show the human brain processes imagery 60,000x faster than text with 90% of day-to-day information transmitted being visual. The trouble is finding free to use images … read more

Setup a self-hosted CDN to speedup WordPress

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Setting up a self-hosted CDN can speedup WordPress by parallelizing downloads. Recently, I explained why I moved to the $5 VPS offering from Digital Ocean. I can tell you that I have been more than happy with the performance of my VPS server and my WordPress site. Until about a … read more