Quick Aerb 2.4G review: air mouse and remote for your HTPC

So you're setting up your HTPC, or want to replace your input device, and can't decide whether to get a remote, an air mouse or a wireless HTPC keyboard? Why would you have to choose? Technology has brought us interesting little devices such as the Logitech K400 Plus, which include a trackpad alongside a keyboard, and even tinier and cheaper devices such as the Lynec C120 air mouse, which boasts a keyboard when you flip it. Another very popular device includes not only air mouse features, but also a keyboard and even IR programmable buttons you can use with your IR devices; and this is the device we will talk about in this Aerb 2.4G review. [Read: Logitech Harmony Smart review: great remote for your HTPC]

Aerb 2.4G Review Overview
In This Image You Can See The Aerb 2.4G Remote From Several Angles. Notice The Remote Buttons On The Front, And The Keyboard On The Back.

The Aerb 2.4G Mini wireless keyboard is a device that packs interesting features in one single unit, and with a very little price tag. You can adapt it to any use you need, as easily as flipping it over or pointing it to your devices, if you use IR features -of course, previously programmed by yourself-, or just using the directional middle buttons. It goes well with Kodi, and enables you to perform the basic movement functions available on apps such as Kore or Yatse; although these do have more features than a physical device. However, with this remote/air mouse/keyboard, you get a bunch of peripherals in your hand in a very comfortable fashion; so it is something not to be overlooked if you want to find the best way to control your HTPC. But just how good is this Aerb 2.4G HTPC remote with keyboard? Let's find out:

Best Wireless HTPC and Android TV Box Keyboards:
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  2. Logitech Illuminated K830 HTPC Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad - $69.99
  3. iPazzPort KP-810-10AS Wireless Mini Keyboard Remote with Touch - $15.99
  4. Rii i8+ 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad - $22
  5. LYNEC C120Pro Mini Wireless Gyro Remote Keyboard Mouse - $13

Aerb 2.4G review: a good choice to control your HTPC

In our Aerb 2.4G review, we see that movement for the air mouse part of this device is sensed in a 6-axis configuration; which means there are 3 gyroscopes and 3 g-sensors on this device, one for each dimensional axis. This translates in accurate pointer movements on the screen. However, if you are not using the air mouse feature, it is recommended to disable it using the special button on the remote, so it will not interfere with your use of the device. This plug-and-play device has many interesting features, which you can read below:

Wireless Htpc Keyboard Keys
The Keys Are Well-Spaced And The Full Qwerty Layout In The Aerb 2.4G Make Typing With This Remote Very Comfortable And Easy.

Aerb 2.4G review: technical features

  • 4 in 1: 2.4G 3D, 2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse, 6-Axis Somatosensory and infrared remote control
  • Compatible with Android Smart TV, IPTV, Networked set-top Box, Mini PC, Android TV Box, HTPC and PCTV
  • Plug and play,operating experience with current 2.4GHz wireless technology,transmission distance up to 10 meters
  • Features IR learning: it can learn up to 5 keys on your TV IR remote
  • 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor, convenient to operate in horizontal and vertical mode for games and typing
  • Operating Systems supported: Google/Android, MacOS, LinuxOS, Windows
  • Includes: 1 X-A8 keyboard mouse remote, 1 USB wireless receiver, 1 User Manual. (AAA battery required but not included)

As you can see in this Aerb 2.4G review, this HTPC mouse remote boasts a nice range, and has a wide range of compatibility with most operating systems. Add to this the fact that you can program IR buttons by facing this air mouse remote with another remote in your house, to learn the IR sequence for a specific instruction, and then have the Aerb 2.4G repeat it to your devices, and you have quite a versatile piece of hardware to bring comfort to your HTPC. If you consider the fact that this device includes a keyboard, you will realize this makes it easy for you to perform searches in addons such as Genesis Kodi addon or even the Youtube addon for Kodi, by simply typing your search terms. [Read: 10 best Kodi movies addons in 2015 for your HTPC]

Aerb 2.4G review: do you recommend this remote?

Air Mouse Remote Usb Receiver
A Wireless Usb Receiver Is Included, To Make This Device Compatible With A Wide Variety Of Htpc Configurations.

If you keep in mind this is a budget remote, which attempts to bring a decent amount of features to your HTPC for a small price tag, then this device will be more than recommended for you. Even though its keyboard is not backlit (you could pick up the Logitech K830 if you want a backlit keyboard), with a bit of tinkering and programming, you can get this remote to perform the way you want. In our Aerb 2.4G review we surely met with the undeniable fact that this is a very versatile and useful device for a wide array of situations, so, if you're looking for the best HTPC keyboard remote, you could at least consider this cheap, yet useful, option.

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