Guide: How to install Emby IPTV Plugin

There's something more important than choosing the best home server application; and this is, getting the right content for it once we have made our decision. If you decided to use Emby after comparing Emby vs Plex, you probably know by now that there are several plugins you can use. For example, if you want to add global radio to your Emby server, you simply install TuneIn Radio Emby plugin; and if you want the best videos from the internet, you get a complement like the Emby Vimeo plugin. However, sometimes you discover interesting content on the web, and you would like to add it to your Emby server, right? Well, here's where the Emby IPTV plugin comes into play. [Read: Guide: How to install Emby server on Windows]

Emby Iptv Plugin Sample
You Can Add Many Video Sources From Around The Web To Be Used On Your Emby Server With The Iptv Plugin.

The Emby IPTV plugin makes it easier for you to bookmark or store links to video files found on the web, presenting them on an easy-to-use interface, where you can click them and start watching. If you install IPTV on Emby, you can also use it for Emby live TV setup, and be able to watch live TV on any device on your network. To do this, you can add channels to Emby so they will be available from the IPTV plugin; though if you want a simpler approach to live TV, you could install Kodi instead, and use one of the 10 best Live TV plugins we have recommended in our list. To make the process of searching for links and adding them to Emby IPTV plugin easier for you, I also recommend using a keyboard and mouse combo.

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How to install Emby IPTV plugin?

Open the Emby dashboard to manage your Emby server. In Windows, this is done clicking on the magnifying glass or search feature, typing Emby Server and then clicking the icon that appears. This will cause Emby to open on your tray. Right-click the Emby icon and select Configure Emby in order to open the server dashboard.

Add Channels To Emby Configure
Select Configure Emby To Open The Emby Server Dashbord And Start Installing Your Plugin.

A browser window should open, and the Emby dashboard should show up. Search for Plugins on the left sidebar. Once you find it, click it, to open the Plugin manager. To install Emby IPTV plugin, click on the Catalog button, and then scroll down to find IPTV.

Install Iptv On Emby Select
Select Iptv From The List Of Available Emby Plugins, In Order To Install It On Your Home Server.

Click on it, and the plugin information page will open. Scroll down until you find a blue Install button. Click it. After you click Install a confirmation dialog will show up. Click OK to install Emby IPTV plugin. Once it's installed you will be prompted to Restart your Emby server so the changes take effect. Restart it.

Install Iptv Emby Restart
Click On The Restart Button To Have Your Changes Applied To Your Emby Server.

That's it! You're ready to add all kinds of content to your Emby media server. I tested adding a link to a Live TV broadcast and it worked flawlessly. Every item you configure will show up on your Emby TV plugin with the logo you choose for it. It's also possible to do a massive configuration of several channels at once, but this involves editing .xml files and would be best left for another upcoming guide. Take a look at the guide to install Emby CoverArt plugin if you want your Emby movie covers to look different and have more information on them. You can also integrate your Kodi devices with your Emby server by using the Emby addon for Kodi. There are lots of possible uses for your Emby server, that just get better and better as more developers write plugins for this amazing media center application!

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