How to install Broadcom Crystal HD driver on Ubuntu?

Broadcom Crystal Hd Ubuntu | Smarthomebeginner

The Broadcom Crystal HD cards (BCM70012 and BCM70015) bring 1080p HD video decoding capability to low powered media centers and netbooks. Software decoding HD video strains the CPU and many cases causes stutters and skips during video playback. In this post, I will explain how to install Broadcom Crystal HD … read more

Setup MiniDLNA on Ubuntu


DLNA allows you to play home network media on all compatible devices over the network. Last year I wrote a post on how to setup MiniDLNA, the free media server software in ubuntu 10.04. I also pointed out the limitations of MiniDLNA media server and why I moved away from … read more

Setup Chinavision Remote for Kodi and Harmony Remote

Harmonymapping2 | Smarthomebeginner

I have described how I setup my Ubuntu-XBMC based HTPC in several of my previous posts: I bought the Wireless USB PC Remote Control Mouse for PC as a cheap IR remote / receiver to control my HTPC. It sells for about $7 on Amazon. This USB … read more

Play Amazon Prime Videos on XBMC in Ubuntu

Amazon Prime | Smarthomebeginner

XBMC is a great media player, very well suited for HPTCs. There are several XBMC addons that stream videos from the internet. In this post, I am doing to describe how to play Amazon Prime Videos on XBMC (both free and rented videos), running on a Ubuntu system. With the … read more