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InstaBox Phantom MX4 Review: an Android box for 4k video

written by Alejandro August 16, 2015

Boxes supporting 4k output are still few and far between. It is refreshing to see that this technology is becoming more commonplace, to a point where devices in the mid-range of prices can offer this feature. We will write today an InstaBox Phantom MX4 review; this is an Android TV Box priced just above $100, but despite being slightly more expensive than its other Android TV boxes counterparts, it is a real bargain. We will show you why this Android TV box is a device you should keep an eye on. [Read: NVIDIA SHIELD TV: An amazing option for your media center]

InstaBox Phantom MX4 Review device

InstaBox Phantom MX4 review: A great Android TV box with remote included

In our InstaBox Phantom MX4 review we will see that this device comes with Kodi preinstalled, as well as a remote control included, which will enable you to enjoy your content right away, or perhaps install some of the most popular addons for Kodi. The remote included has a very nice responsiveness and you will not need to point it towards the device with too much precision, increasing the comfort offered by this Android TV Box with XBMC. You could also get a wireless HTPC keyboard to expand your possibilities in this regard.

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Instabox Phantom MX4 Review: great performance and connectivity

Not a lot of storage space in this Android TV box, offering a mere 8GB, which is enough if you plan on using only media streaming applications such as Kodi for Android, but not enough if you want to get into gaming or other activities on your HTPC. This drawback is surely overcome by the sheer power of this small Android 4k box. Capable of 4k video output, without lag or stutter, with a wi-fi connection that's among the fastest of its kind, in our InstaBox Phantom MX4 review we also see great points for connectivity of the device. 3 USB ports, one of them OTG, give you a myriad of options to expand your storage or connect peripherals. An AV output for older TV sets and an HDMI output for newer ones, which expands the possible audience that might benefit from owning this device. Yes, of course you could use an adapter, but if you still don't have a newer TV set, you might find it nice to know this box might be an option to bring newer functionality to your living room.

InstaBox Phantom MX4 review rear view

In this InstaBox Phantom MX4 review we see great connectivity options from this small Android TV Box

The box in which the Phantom MX4 comes is interesting because all of the accessories come neatly organized in smaller boxes within. This is a prelude for the great experience this Android 4k box offers. However, a word of advice: if you need a lot of storage for movies or music, or other kinds of media, be aware you will not be able to expand it via a micro SD or SD card: there is no slot for this anywhere on the device. Instead, you could connect an USB thumb drive or an external HDD to achieve similar results.

InstaBox Phantom MX4 review packaging

The InstaBox Phantom MX4 packaging comes neatly organized. The manufacturer cared about putting together a good product.

In our InstaBox Phantom MX4 Review we also noticed that this box is capable of digital 5.1 audio output through SPDIF, or Dolby DTS surround sound through HDMI 2.0, which means the neat images this box is capable of bringing to your TV will be accompanied with audio of great quality as well. The great performance on this device is possible thanks to this Android TV box Quad Core CPU and its Octa-Core GPU, both of which ensure great performance all around, for your media consumption and gaming. [Read: CuBox TV: performance to the cube power for your HTPC]

After this InstaBox Phantom MX4 review, would you recommend getting one?

If you can get past the drawbacks on this Android TV box, such as the lack of internal storage space, or the absence of a micro SD port, the InstaBox Phantom MX4 is a great option to power your HTPC. Overcoming these storage issues is easy if you plan on using this device as a media streaming piece of hardware. In this department, the network speeds achieved by it, both through Wi-Fi and Ethernet, truly blow out similar devices on its price and performance range.

InstaBox Phantom MX4 review accesories

The InstaBox Phantom MX4 comes with several accesories, sweetening the deal on its mid-range price tag.

According to our InstaBox Phantom MX4 review, this Android 4k box is a solid option to get into the world of 4k media. Pair this up with your favorite addons for Kodi or other apps you want to use on this media center box, and add the cherry on top: the remote is included. Of course, if you want to perform searches or more advanced options, it's always recommended to download one of the remote applications to your smartphone or tablet, such as Yatse or Kore, or perhaps even getting a wireless HTPC keyboard. But for basic functionality, the included remote does a great job. The competitive price tag on the InstaBox Phantom MX4 makes getting it a temptation very hard to resist.

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Maurice August 28, 2015 - 8:12 am

I’m thinking about purchasing a InstaBox Phantom MX4, but cannot find whether this device is capable of playing 4k content in 30Hz or 60Hz. Do you perhaps know?

Luiz Azedo September 23, 2015 - 11:51 am

Forget about it. Alejandro and HTPCbeginner make reviews without having the real product.
He just brownsing the specs over internet and put his opinion over it. It´s a real shame.

mameha1977 December 23, 2015 - 7:17 am

Don’t buy this. I have had it for 6 months but it is junk.

I have had to reinstall the firmware about 5 times, which totally wipes the device and takes hours to reinstall and setup.

Kodi 15.2 is working quite well on it, but I have trouble with almost all video streaming apps from Google Play. For example: BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, DirecTV, FOX Sports Go, BeIN. All these apps work and EPG works but when you try to stream video you get sound and no image, or the framerate is about 10 frames a minute.

I have realised that the apps from BBC, ITV etc are only supported on main devices like Nexus, Amazon Fire etc so probably better to get one of those even if price higher and lower spec.

Also, hardly any games work on this. I could only get Asphalt to work, stuff like FIFA doesnt work.

I will probably end up putting Openelec on this, as it is only capable of doing kodi anyway.

Alejandro December 23, 2015 - 11:43 pm

Hello, thanks for commenting, this is indeed valuable information for our users in order for them to make their purchase decision with the most information possible. I am saddened this box didn’t work for you; hopefully installing OpenELEC will solve the issues!

FRANCISCO J SEVCIK S May 14, 2016 - 8:58 pm

Do you have a working version of OpenELEC for this?? Which Android version is it?

Alejandro May 16, 2016 - 10:28 am

Hello. OpenELEC is not Android, is a low-resources OS focused on Kodi. The person commenting above suggested that he would install OpenELEC since Android in this box was not working for him; however, this box comes already with Android, if I’m not mistaken, so installing OpenELEC is only necessary if you want to use only Kodi on your box. OpenELEC is usually installed on Raspberry Pi, so I would suggest you try using Android at first. Hope it helps!


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