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Guide: How to install Kodi Velocity addon

written by Alejandro February 13, 2016

Some users of the Genesis Kodi addon have reported they have had problems with it. Particularly, issues with Kodi Genesis buffering and Genesis freezing Kodi playback, have pushed users to seek for alternatives. If you have been following this website, you are already prepared for that, since we presented some time ago a list with the 10 best Kodi movies addons. However, the good thing with the addons for Kodi is that they never stop evolving. Today, we present to you a new addon, called Velocity. Add Velocity to Kodi and you will be able to load more sources than ever, and without issues such as buffering or lagging. I have tested it out just now and can already tell you I almost got too distracted to write this article. The movies loaded very fast, and in an excellent quality, when using the Velocity Kodi addon. In this guide we teach you how to install Kodi Velocity on your HTPC, so you can get distracted, too. [Read: Guide: How to install Kodi Movie Hut addon]

Some addons may contain pirated content. Consider using legal Kodi addons or a VPN ($5.52/mo).

Install Kodi Velocity content

Velocity brings a ton of sources to make your movie viewing easier and more reliable.

After you setup Velocity Kodi addon, and load it, you will see content in a very organized way. Movies and TV shows can be reached through its various sources. The listings on Velocity Kodi addon are powered by trakt.tv, which means you have access to a greater variety of content. TV shows are organized by season and episode, and some sources offer a view count, to help you determine what are the most reliable ones. Browsing through this addon with a wireless HTPC keyboard is simply amazing, and even sort of necessary. There is simply a lot of content, and you will be better off performing text searches. You can also perform these with the virtual keyboard included in Yatse, the XBMC/Kodi remote smartphone app for Android.

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How to install Kodi Velocity addon?

You first need to make sure you have the Addon Installer (also known as Fusion installer) enabled on your HTPC. In case you do not have it yet, follow our guide to install Fusion Installer on Kodi. Once you are done, you can install Kodi Velocity addon.

To install Kodi Velocity, head to Programs -> Program Add-ons and search for Addon Installer on the menu that opens. When you locate the Addon Installer icon, click it.

Setup Velocity Kodi addon Fusion Installer

Find the Addon Installer to initiate the setup process for the Velocity Kodi addon.

Click on Search by: Addon/Author to open the search dialog, in order to search for and download Kodi Velocity. As you would do when you install all Kodi addons with Addon Installer for Kodi, type the name on the dialog. In this case, simply type Velocity, and then click Done.

Add Velocity to Kodi search

Finding the Velocity addon through the Fusion Installer search feature is faster.

You will see only one entry labeled Velocity. Click it to install Kodi Velocity. After you do that, another menu appears, with only one entry as well. Click on Install Velocity to setup Velocity Kodi addon. Click Install on the dialog that appears.

Get Velocity for Kodi Install

Click the Install button on the dialog that appears and you will install Kodi Velocity addon. It’s that simple!

After you do that, wait a little. The Velocity Kodi addon will download and install automatically. Once it’s done you need to click the OK button. That’s it! You now enjoy the latest Kodi addon for movies, with tons of sources and no lagging problems so far. Simply head to Videos -> Video Add-ons to look for Velocity and start enjoying it. If you need subtitles on your movies consider reading our guide to add subtitles to Kodi. This addon looks promising, and was just released, so give it a try! If you still want more content, read our guide to install Icefilms Kodi addon, or take a look at our 20 best Kodi addons list, and start adding options to your Kodi HTPC experience today!

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James February 16, 2016 - 8:05 am

Anyone figured out why Netflixxbmx hangs while installing. Also, there is a Netflix Internet version on my Ott tv box but when I play it, the icons are really bid can’t adjust and hard to see where the cursor is . There is also red lines in Netflix but not in any other app like genesis or icefilms

Alejandro February 17, 2016 - 4:47 pm

Hello! Thanks for commenting.

If you want you could provide more details about your case; however I feel you would get a better assistance on our HTPCBeginner support forum. Our community of HTPC enthusiasts might be able to help you in a more effective way.

Carlos March 20, 2016 - 2:03 pm

I am asked to enter the following text when I try to view any movies or TV shows. How can I turn that off?

Alejandro March 24, 2016 - 1:29 am

Hello, I think you mean you are presented with a CAPTCHA sort of challenge. Is this correct? If this is the case, you can’t turn it off, as they are put in place to avoid automated systems downloading from the same source and crashing it. Hope it helps!

Mike Wurlitzer June 7, 2016 - 10:21 am

Every time I think there is a net addon which will provide links to some programming equal in quality to cable I am disappointed in the fact most are SD [which does not even come close to Standard Definition] and many which claim to be HD are no better.

I have found Exodus to be my best shot at cutting the cable with many viable links but tried Velocity because of this post. A huge disappointment.

Well the first show I tried was Homeland and almost every link was dead and the best I could get was a DVD quality link which looked like I was watching through the bottom of a beer bottle. Seems Exodus is still superior in viable links albeit questionable quality.

Lots of content is certainly available via KODI but the quality seems to be inversely proportional.


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