Plex Vimeo Channel: fun videos on your Plex home server

The Plex Vimeo channel is a good alternative for you to get short and interesting videos on your home server. This plugin will bring the videos from the site Vimeo directly to your device. It is possible for you to log in into your Vimeo account with this channel, in order to get a customized experience. We wroteย some time ago about how to install Vimeo on Emby, which is another option for you to enjoy these videos on your home server. [Read:ย Guide: How to install YouTube Kodi addon]

Plex Vimeo Channel Content
Get Access To Lots Of Funny And Interesting Videos With The Vimeo Plex Channel

Install Plex Vimeo Channel: detailed method

Installing the Plex Vimeo channel is really easy, because it's one of the officially supported channels for Plex. However, you can get a greater variety of channels if you install the Unsupported App Store. You can find the Unsupported App Store if you install Plex WebTools 2.0. For now, we will focus on installing the Plex Vimeo Plugin.

To install Vimeo on Plex, open the Plex server dashboard by right-clicking on the tray icon and then selecting Open Plex... as indicated in the picture below.

Plex Vimeo Plugin Tray
Select The Open Plex... Option From The Plex Tray Icon Context Menu

After that, look for the Channels item on the left navigation bar. Click it. You will be taken to the list of installed channels. Look for the orange button labeled Install Channels. Click it.

Install Vimeo Plex Select
Click On The Orange Button Labelled "Install Channels" In Order To Browse Your Channel Alternatives.

The Plex Vimeo Channel should be visible among the featured channels. Since it's a really popular addon, you can click on the Most Popular section to bring it up. Look for Vimeo plugin and then click it. Once you click on Vimeo, a pop up will appear. It will display some information about the channel, as well as a button to install it. Click Install, and wait.

Install Vimeo On Plex Confirmation
Clicking The Install Button Will Start The Process To Get Vimeo Plex Channel On Your Media Center.

When the installation is complete, the button configuration on the pop up dialog will change, and buttons Browse, Update and Uninstall will appear. This indicates that the Plex Vimeo Plugin has been successfully installed.

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Plex Vimeo Plugin:ย I've installed it, now what?

Simply feel free to enjoy directly on your home server machine or using one of these best Plex clients. In order to bring the Plex Vimeo channel up, just look for it among the already installed channels. Simply click on Channels -> Vimeo from the server home page. With the Plex Vimeo channel you will have access to lots of funny and interesting videos posted on this platform. Are you tired of watching videos with this channel? There's someย channels that can give you different kinds of content. For example, you can install SoundCloud Plex channel in order to enjoy music from the best indie artists around the world. The possibilities are endless if you install the appropriate channels on your Plex installation!

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