Guide: How to install Plex Web Tools 2.0 on your home server

Installing plugins, channels and addons for our HTPC apps takes them to the next level and brings us features we wouldn't be able to enjoy otherwise. For Kodi, this is evident as there are lots and lots of addons you can use, such as the 10 best Kodi movies addons or even 10 best gaming addons if you want to turn your HTPC into a gaming machine. If you are comparing Kodi vs Plex, you should know that complements is not something Plex lacks entirely; in fact, there are very good channels you can install on your Plex server, officially. What happens if you want to install unofficial channels, though? Well, you could install Plex Web Tools 2.0, and let it help you with that. [Read: Guide: Install Plex SoundCloud Channel on your Plex Server]

Install Plex Web Tools Channel
With Plex Web Tools You Can Install Tons Of Unofficial Channels On Your Plex Media Server With Just One Click.

Typically, to install unofficial channels on Plex, you need to locate the files you want to install. After this, you would have to mess with directories and installation paths to copy the bundle where your Plex installation is. It's an easy process, but one I would be happy to skip if I could. I'm sure you would want to skip it too, and get access to several Plex channels, installing them with a single click. You can do this if you install Plex Web Tools. In case you want to take a look at some unofficial channels and what they can do, you could take a look at our 3 best Plex unofficial channels post. If you want to know how to add WebTools to Plex and simplify the process to install channels on your media server, then keep reading and find out how to install Plex Web Tools.

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How to install Plex Web Tools?

The installation is rather simple. To add WebTools to Plex, you need to visit the Plex WebTools bundle webpage. Once you get there, download the file.

Add Webtools To Plex Zip File
When You Get To The Plex Webtools Github, Select The And Download It To Your Device.

Extract the contents of the file into a folder. Make sure the structure of the extracted folder is set in the following way: WebTools.bundle -> Contents (and other folders); this is, a main folder, and content directly inside of it. You can check out how the Plex Tools plugin folder should look like in the next image:

The Folder Structure Is Important. Make Sure The Contents Folder (And Other Similar Folders And Files Included) Are Just One Level Below Of The Webtools.bundle Folder. Otherwise It Will Not Work.
Make Sure The Contents Folder (And Other Similar Folders And Files Included) Are Just One Level Below The Webtools.bundle Folder.

If you're not familiar with how to add Plex plugins, you will be glad to hear it only involves copying a folder on the plugins folder for your Plex install. If you use Plex for Windows, you will get to that folder by typing %localappdata%/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins. After that, to install Plex Web Tools simply copy your WebTools.bundle folder on this location, and wait a little. Head over to your Plex server interface (By right-clicking your Plex tray icon and selecting Open Plex...). You should see the WebTools icon on your server, which indicates you were successful to get Plex WebTools 2.0 on your home server.

Get Plex Webtools 2.0 Server
Once You Follow The Steps Provided In This Guide, You Will See The Webtools Channel On Your Plex Server.

That's it! After you install Plex WebTools 2.0, you can use it to install channels through the Plex UnsupportedAppStore, included with the WebTools. You also get a Subtitle Management tool and a Logviewer. All of these tools can be used if you head to your Plex Media Server URL, but replacing the end port number of the URL with 33400. This will open the Plex WebTools interface on a new browser window, and prompt you to log in using your Plex credentials. Once you have logged in, you will get access to these tools that are pretty straightforward to use. Personally, I think the UnsupportedAppStore seems it would be really useful to experiment with your Plex Server, in a similar way like the one provided for Kodi by the Fusion Addon Installer or repositories such as SuperRepo Plugin Repository, providing a straightforward way to get your favorite channels or addons installed.

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