Install Sub-Zero plugin for Plex – download subtitles automatically

Plex Media Server is an awesome media server software option. With Plex, you can stream your media on any Plex client device. Additionally, this service organizes your media library in a beautiful interface. We recently showed you how to install Plex server on Windows and Ubuntu Server. Whereas media playback in Plex is great, subtitle support isn't fantastic. However, Sub-Zero lets you download subtitles automatically for Plex. Learn how to install Sub-Zero plugin for Plex. [Read: Setup Plex Server with Odroid C2 - Media Streaming Server]

Download Sub-Zero plugin for Plex

In order to install Sub-Zero plugin for Plex, click Channels section

Plex Channels - Sub-Zero Plugin For Plex
Plex Channels

Next, click on the Install Channels button

Install Channels In Plex - Sub-Zero Plugin For Plex
Install Channels In Plex

Click on More... then click on the Metadata Agents section

Plex Metadata Agents Section - Sub-Zero Plugin For Plex
Plex Metadata Agents Section

Click on the Sub-Zero icon to open the Sub-Zero plugin information

Click On The Sub-Zero Icon - Sub-Zero Plugin For Plex
Click On The Sub-Zero Icon

Finally, click on the Install button, to finish installing Sub-Zero plugin on Plex.

Install Sub-Zero Plugin On Plex Media Server
Install Sub-Zero Plugin On Plex Media Server

Configure the Sub-Zero plugin in Plex to download subtitles automatically

You can now configure Sub-Zero in Plex Media Server. So open Plex Media Server and navigate to:

Settings -> Server -> Agents -> Movies -> The Movie Database

Next, enable Sub-Zero subtitles by checking the box as shown in the screenshot below. Also, do the same under the Shows tab to download subtitles for your TV Shows

Enable Sub-Zero Plugin In Plex Media Server - Download Subtitles Automatically
Enable Sub-Zero Plugin In Plex Media Server

Further, click on the small cogwheel settings icon next to Sub-Zero and configure the subtitle language settings.

Configure Sub-Zero In Plex - Download Subtitles Automatically In Sub-Zero
Configure Subtitle Languages For Sub-Zero

Then update your library after you configure Sub-Zero in Plex Media Server. Finally, wait until Sub-Zero downloads missing subtitles.

 Configure Sub-Zero plugin for Plex - Wrapping up

Thus, you successfully installed and configured the Sub-Zero plugin for Plex to download subtitles automatically. Furthermore, you may want to monitor Plex Usage with PlexPy. Additionally, you may install PlexPy on Ubuntu to monitor Plex Media Server usage. To further improve your Plex experience, check out our 10 Best Plex Unofficial Channels 2017: Movies, TV Shows, Live TV article.

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