The Ultimate Guide to Raspberry Pi OpenELEC Media Center Setup

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We are proud to introduce to you our first eBook titled "Ultimate Guide to Raspberry Pi OpenELEC Media Center". Most HTPC newbies do not want to maintain a full-scale HTPC. Nor do they want to spend big bucks to buy one. A typical home user also does not want to run other services and wants to just turn on the TV and start watching their movies or TV shows. If you are one of them then this book is perfect for you. If not, don’t worry this book still provides you access to some of the advanced features that will supercharge your Raspberry PI XBMC media center.

Buying the hardware is relatively simple. Buying a Raspberry Pi with accessories is even simpler. Comparatively, installing all HTPC software and having them integrate seamlessly to manage and play your media library. This book is all you will need to know all accessories that need to be purchased to build a mini Raspberry Pi OpenELEC Media Center. More importantly, this book will focus more on the software installation part, which can be challenging to folks who are not familiar with Linux or commandline environment.

What does the eBook have?

  • 44 pages and 6200 words
  • Hardware and Software recommendations
  • All relevant background information you need to know
  • Complete setup instructions with pictures
  • Links to further reading material
Raspberry Pi Openelec Media Center
Ultimate Guide To Raspberry Pi Openelec Media Center

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