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Best private torrenting sites 2017: Top private torrent sites

written by Mitch Pehora October 2, 2017

Although Usenet is a popular means of downloading content, torrenting remains the most utilized method. But private torrent sites come with a bevy of benefits. While we've covered the best torrenting sites for 2017, let's look at the best private torrenting sites 2017.

The truth about torrenting

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Torrenting is a way of sharing files among users. It allows for people to share popular files without the need for a centralized server. Consequently, this makes it a natural choice for people wanting to share copyrighted files. This dates all the way back to the days of Limewire. This was one of the most popular file-sharing services. Limewire served as a torrent client and magnet browser rolled into one. Despite Limewire losing popularity, torrenting is still alive and well. In fact, this is how most users share files, especially copyrighted ones. Therefore, authorities often do their best to shut down sites that help users find torrent links. Some torrent sites survive, and some do not. [Read: 8 best BitTorrent clients for Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora]

Why private

Private torrent trackers can be as complicated as a tor-based site, or as basic as magnet links protected by a login. At any rate, they share a common feature. They stop Internet service providers (ISPs) and authorities from being able to track the IP addresses of people downloading certain torrents. Downloading the newest "Game Of Thrones" from The Pirate Bay is a surefire way to get a nasty letter from your ISP. Another huge benefit of private trackers is that they often require users to maintain a ratio. That is, for users to upload more than they download. This, faster releases of new media and the strong community are what makes torrenting great. See our list below for the best private trackers. [Read: Install Cardigann using Docker - Additional BitTorrent providers]

4 best private torrenting sites 2017

Disclaimer: We here at htpcBeginner do not condone piracy, so please only download legal torrents. [Read: Install Transmission using Docker - BitTorrent download client]

1. IP Torrents

IP Torrents is an invite-only site, a surefire way to help cut back on the amount of snooping on your downloading. Another huge benefit is that users are obligated to keep a ratio above 1, and that torrents must be seeded to 1:1, or for 2 weeks, whichever comes first. This means that new files download quickly and torrents stay active for a long time. Users also have the option to earn 'bonus points' to exchange for custom titles on the forums. They can also exchange these points for upload credit. [Read: How to install RuTorrent on Docker using Kitematic GUI]

2. Demonoid

A holdover from another time, Demonoid keeps on bouncing back. While users aren't required to register, sign-ups periodically close to prevent surges in sign-ups overloading the site. While the site tracks your ratio, it doesn't actually count for anything - although power users might look down on you for it. [Read: Install RuTorrent using Docker - A uTorrent-like BitTorrent client]

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3. Zeronet

Zeronet is a series of sites that can't be taken down. Included in this list of sites is Play, a torrent site shared by users. It de-centralizes itself among users, and supports the Tor protocol. It can be tricky for users to set up. However, it does offer unparalleled security for torrenting. While it's not a private torrent site in the traditional sense, it protects your account the same way you protect your bitcoins. That is, to say, it keeps your torrenting activities safe from prying eyes. [Read: Guide: Manage torrents remotely using Transdrone for Android]

4. Pass The Popcorn

Dedicated to providing users a great way to torrent the newest flicks, Pass The Popcorn is a legend of the Internet. An excellent overall site ratio, an abundance of subtitles and older movie torrents make Pass The Popcorn a classic option for downloading movies that you don't deem worthy enough to buy on Blu-Ray.

Top private torrent sites for 2017

Torrenting is here to stay, whether you like it or not. Using the right torrent site can go a long way in improving your torrent experience. It can also go a long way to help protect your privacy. For more on torrenting and other home theater nessecities, keep htpcBeginner bookmarked.

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