10 Best legal torrenting sites 2018 – Legal torrent websites 2018


Despite the popularity of streaming, downloading remains an oft-used means of procuring content. Primarily, torrents offer the best means of downloading, but Usenet is a seasoned method as well. While torrenting is not inherently illicit, many of the top torrent sites don’t separate legal from illegal content. Searching for completely … read more

12 Best torrent sites in 2018: Top torrent sites in 2018

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Although streaming, both legally and illicitly, continues gaining popularity, downloading persists as a primary means of content aggregation. While Usenet remains a tenured service, BitTorrent stands as the go-to for downloading movies, TV shows, music, and more. Check out the best torrent sites in 2018! Top torrent sites in 2018: … read more

ExtraTorrent Return launches, aims to succeed ExtraTorrent.cc

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When ExtraTorrent.cc went offline, ExtraTorrent.cd was quick to emerge from the ashes. However, ExtraTorrent.cd is merely a The Pirate Bay mirror with an ExtraTorrent skin. Still, the ExtraTorrent clone is functional and boasts heavily seeded torrents. Sure, torrenters are better off using The Pirate Bay rather than a mirror. But … read more

8 Best BitTorrent clients for Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora


Although torrent websites such as ExtraTorrent.cc struggle to stay online, the torrenting space persists. Days after the original ExtraTorrent shut down a successor rose from the ashes. However, unlike its predecessor, ExtraTorrent.cd is simply a The Pirate Bay mirror with an ExtraTorrent skin. Nevertheless, with a bevy of excellent torrent … read more