8 Best BitTorrent clients for Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora

Although torrent websites such as ExtraTorrent.cc struggle to stay online, the torrenting space persists. Days after the original ExtraTorrent shut down a successor rose from the ashes. However, unlike its predecessor, ExtraTorrent.cd is simply a The Pirate Bay mirror with an ExtraTorrent skin. Nevertheless, with a bevy of excellent torrent sites still in operation, torrenting is a popular means of obtaining content. Check out the best BitTorrent clients for Linux.

Top Linux torrent software clients

The BitTorrent protocol has been around since 2001. As such, BitTorrent clients are plentiful, and there are loads of torrent sites to choose from. Usenet continues to maintain a loyal following and moreover boasts several advantages over torrents. Nevertheless, torrenting remains the most popular file sharing medium.

1. Transmission

Best Bittorrent Clients For Linux - Transmission
The Transmission

Because it comes installed by default on Linux distros such as Ubuntu and Debian, Transmission is one of the best BitTorrent clients for Linux. This Linux torrent software is simple to use and features loads of features. Users may select from an array of options to set seeding, downloading, and priority options. [Read: How to install Transmission on Docker using Kitematic GUI]

Additionally, Transmission ranks as one of the greatest Linux torrent clients because of its integrations. Transmission is compatible with torrent automation software such as CouchPotato for Ubuntu, SickRage for Linux, and Sick Beard Internet PVR. Plus, Transmission is compatible with Docker for use in a virtual machine Transmission is my favorite of the Linux torrent clients and go-to for torrenting on Linux. [Read: Install Transmission on Ubuntu Server - Easy AtoMiC method]

2. Stremio

Best Bittorrent Clients For Linux - Stremio

While Stremio isn't a dedicated Linux torrent software option, it's still one of the best BitTorrent clients for Linux. Since Stremio offers a myriad of functionality, it's a must-have Linux HTPC software option. There's a live TV streaming as well as a comprehensive content search. But a torrent streaming feature similar to the late Popcorn Time places Stremio among the best BitTorrent clients for Linux available. Installation on Linux is pretty simple and it's a different breed of app than the likes of Plex and Kodi.

3. Deluge

Best Bittorrent Clients For Linux - Deluge
The Deluge Bittorrent Client Downloading A File

Deluge is a best pick as a Linux torrent software client. It's simple to install the Deluge web interface on Ubuntu for an in-broswer experience. Though Linux torrent clients abound, Deluge remains one of the best BitTorrent clients for Linux. Its modern interface makes it a fantastic contender amid the smattering of choices. Further boosting the appeal of Deluge as a Linux torrent software selection, it's available in the default Ubuntu repositories.

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4. qBittorrent

Best Bittorrent Clients For Linux - Qtorrent
The Qtorrent Client Running On Ubuntu

qBittorrent as the name implies us a Qt iteration of the BitTorret client. The user interface mimics the standard BitTorrent client and is incredibly easy to use. As qBittorrent is available in the default Ubuntu repository as well as the Ubuntu Software Center, this is one of the Linux torrent software clients. Additionally, qBittorrent may be installed using the quick AtoMiC method. For added insight, Monit offers qBittorrent process status monitoring. qBittorrent is also one of the top home server apps to automate media management.

5. Vuze

Best Bittorrent Clients For Linux - Vuze
Image Source: Linux Mint Community

Like many Linux torrent clients, Vuze carries standard features like control over downloading, uploading, and torrent priority. However, its media playback capability and robust built-in torrent searching make Vuze a top pick as Linux torrent software. Although Vuze does allow for HD video playback, its media play is nowhere near as fleshed out as the likes of VLC or Kodi. Still, these touches posit Vuze as one of the best BitTorrent clients for Linux.

6. Tixati

Best Bittorrent Clients For Linux - Tixati
An Awesome Torrent Client For Linux

Tixati is an excellent piece of Linux torrent software. Notably, Tixati sports a dark theme for its default configuration. You'll find the usual slew of Linux torrent software features like control over seeding, torrents, and more. Yet a major bonus Tixati offers is its data transparency. With its standard feature set, Tixati yields information such as bandwidth all in a pleasant chart for simple analysis.

Best Standalone Bittorrent Downloaders:

7. Frostwire

Best Bittorrent Clients For Linux - Frostwire
The Frostwire Linux Torrent Client

Although Frostwire is a Linux torrent software client, it differentiates itself among similar Linux torrent clients. That's through availability on Android for Wi-Fi file sharing. Like Vuze, Frostwire offers an in-app torrent search feature as well as local media browsing and organization. Plus, Frostwire partners with content creators to offer legally downloadable music.

8. uTorrent

How to install uTorrent in Linux Mint / Ubuntu

While uTorrent is arguably the best BitTorrent client for Windows, it's not the most user-friendly Linux torrent software option. Nevertheless, uTorrent is one of the best Linux torrent clients. Whereas many of the best BitTorrent clients for Linux such as Transmission and qBitTorrent run as desktop apps, uTorrent Linux torrent software instead runs in-browser. [Read: Install RuTorrent using Docker - A uTorrent-like BitTorrent client]

Some users may prefer the in-browser navigation. But setup isn't as intuitive as Linux torrent clients like Vuze or Deluge. However, because uTorrent remains a functional torrent client which receives regular updates, it's still one of the best BitTorrent clients for Linux. Because it's compatible with CouchPotato, uTorrent is a fantastic pick for torrent automation. [Read: How to install RuTorrent on Docker using Kitematic GUI]

A torrent options: The best BitTorrent clients for Linux

There's no shortage of Linux torrent software options. Transmission is probably the best pick for most users. Because it's the default Linux torrent software client in the likes of Ubuntu, it's an excellent pick. Deluge, uTorrent despite its extra set up, and Transmission all link with torrent automation software such as SickRage and CouchPotato.

Vuze and Frostwire are excellent for their inclusions like media playback and organization. Stremio enters as a wholly different platform that boasts torrent streaming as well as a beefy multimedia array. Looking to truly dominate the Linux HTPC scene? Check out these 10 best Linux media center distros.

Your turn: which Linux torrent clients do you recommend?

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