5 Best Kodi remote control apps – Android remote control apps

Kodi is one of the most popular home theatre PC (HTPC) offerings. The widely-used open-source media center is available as an app as well as operating system for select devices. Because Kodi often runs on gadgets like a Raspberry Pi or an HTPC, it's normally at the center of a media center. Therefore, a remote for Kodi is a must-have. Whilethere exist many IR remote controls for Kodi boxes, Kodi remote apps bring the functionality of a remote to the convenicnce of a smartphone. Check out the best Kodi remote control apps for Android. [Read: 10 Best legal Kodi streaming boxes - Best Kodi box 2017]

Kodi remote app Android options

Although IR remotes are convenient, using a Kodi remote app Android alternative consolidates the clutter. Whereas an IR remote is one more piece of hardware. Kodi remote control apps instead turn your smartphone into a remote for Kodi. [Read: 20 best Kodi addons 2017: Movies, TV shows, live TV, and more]

1. Kore

Best Kodi Remote Control Apps - Kore
Xmbc Presents Its Open-Source Officially Sanctioned Remote Control App For Kodi

Kore remains the only official Kodi remote app Android offering. Therefore, it's one of the best Kodi remote control apps available. It's compatible with Kodi 14.x "Helix" and higher as well as XBMC 12.x "Frodo" and 13.x "Gotham." It's simple to install Kore and just as easy to use.

Since Kodi features skins and high customization, its officially sanctioned Kore Kodi remote app Android counterpart does as well. There are several color themes to pick from. Also like Kodi, Kore supports lots of relevant information on currently playing media. You'll find options fo change, download, and sync subtitles as well as change audio streams. Plus, the typical slew of volume and playback controls come standard.

A particularly appreciated inclusion is a link to IMDB directly as well as library maintenance features for updated and cleaning. Plus, you'll find the ability to change to live TV for DVR and PVR compatibility. According to the changelog, smartplaylist browsing is on the docket for future Kore updates. With its smattering of features specifically aimed at Kodi, Kore is arguably the best Kodi remote app Android selection. [Read: 6 must have Kodi addons for broadcast TV streaming – 2017]

2. Yatse

Best Kodi Remote Control Apps - Yaste
Compatible With Kodi, Plex, Emby, And More, Yaste Is An Excellent Kodi Remote App Android Pick

While Kore is an awesome Kodi remote app Android option, Yatse sports increased functionality. It's a stable Kodi remote for Android. Additionally, Yatse delivers native Emby and Plex support. Yatse includes streaming support for local devices and UPnP-enabled devices, as well as Roku, Chromecast, AirPlay, and smart TVs. There's casting funcitonality for several platforms like Roku, Chromecast, and AirPlay. Yatse and Kore share a few similarities but ultimately are different Kodi remote control apps. [Read: Guide: How to install Yatse, the XBMC/Kodi remote]

Notably, Yatse supports Android Wear for wearable integration. There's also offline media support for syncing media to devices for offline viewing. With its 4.7 out of 5 rating on the Google Play app store, Yatse is a fantastic Kodi remote app Android choice. [Read: 10 Kodi addons to watch NFL live on your Kodi media center]

3. Omnimote

Best Kodi Remote Control Apps - Omnimote
Omnimore Is A Great Kodi Remote Control App

Although the user interface (UI) is a bit barebones, Omnimote is an excellent Kodi remote app Android pick. The app uses gesture-based controls. Therefore, you can use Omnimote to control Kodi without glancing at your phone screen.

Controls are fairly intuitive. Forward and back skipping reuires a right and left respectively swipe. A two-finger swipe brings up the context menu. Play and pause are controlled with a single tap, with stop as a double tap. It's certainly the most unique Kodi remote app Android solution with its gesture-based control scheme. [Read: 7 Must have addons for Kodi maintenance 2017 – Backup, library update]

Best IR Remote Controls for Kodi:
  1. SANOXY remote control - $12 Editors Pick
  2. Rii Mini i25 Wireless Air Mouse Keyboard K25 IR Remote - $28
  3. Air Mouse 2.4G Wireless Mini Keyboard Infrared IR Leaning Remote - $14
  4. Dupad Story Backlit Air Mouse Keyboard Remote - $14
  5. Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared All in One Remote Control - $44

4. Spooky XBMC

Best Kodi Remote Control Apps
A Functional, Intuitive Kodi Android App Remote

Despites its antiquated UI, Spooky XBMC is one of the best Kodi remote control apps available. Rather than using more modern Material or flat design, instead its interface relies on skeuomorphism. Still, it's an excellent choice for a Kodi Android app remote.

It's compatible with the latest versions of Android and Kodi. Neat features include library browsing and media playback. While the UI is outdated, Spooky XBMC remains  one of the best Kodi remote control apps for Android. [Read: 10 best Kodi skins 2017 – For HTPCs and Kodi streaming boxes]

5. Music Pump XBMC/Kodi Remote

Best Kodi Remote Control Apps - Music Pump
One Of The Finest Kodi Remote Control Apps For Android, Music Pump

Though it's called Music Pump, this Kodi remote app isn't merely for music. Instead, it's a feature-laden Kodi remote app Android offering that's both phone- and tablet-optimized. Using Music Pump XBMC/Kodi Remote, you can entirely control Kodi media cantter and stream media to and from Kodi. [Read: 10 best Kodi TV shows addon 2017 list for your HTPC]

Notably, you'll find Kodi library browsing and playlist peruasl. There's also addon browsing, and streaming support for movies, TV shows, and music. Music Pump carries arguably the most gorgeous UI out of the Kodi remote app Android selections on this list. Like most Kodi remote control apps, Music Pump does allow for sending YouTube videos from your device to Kodi. Several features including light and dark themes require an unlocker. [Read: 10 best Kodi kids addons 2017 list for your HTPC]

Best Kodi remote control apps: Conclusion

While these are the best Kodi remote control apps for Android, there's a slew of Kodi remote app Android choices. The official Kodi Wiki includes a page on Android remotes. Plus, the Kodi Wiki chronicles iOS and Windows Phone remotes as well.

What do you recommend as the best Kodi remote control apps?

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