10 Best legal torrenting sites 2018 – Legal torrent websites 2018

Despite the popularity of streaming, downloading remains an oft-used means of procuring content. Primarily, torrents offer the best means of downloading, but Usenet is a seasoned method as well. While torrenting is not inherently illicit, many of the top torrent sites don't separate legal from illegal content. Searching for completely legal downloads? Check out the best legal torrenting sites 2018! [Read: 12 best torrent sites in 2018]

Legal torrent websites in 2018: A word on legality

There's no shortage of torrents available online. Although torrenting itself is completely legal, it's often associated with piracy. But it's what you download that dictates legality. With legal torrent sites, you'll benefit from tons of legitimate movies, TV shows, games, and more. [Read: Complete Usenet guide: What is Usenet, Usenet vs Torrents, downloading files]

Don't expect major releases though. Often, you'll find public domain media, open-source software, and indie projects. Still, there's loads of quality material available legally and freely via torrent download.

Best Standalone Bittorrent Downloaders:

Top legal torrent sites 2018

1. Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents - Best Torrenting Sites 2018
Find Tons Of Awesome Public Domain Torrents

As the name suggests, Public Domain Torrents consists of movies and TV shows in the public domain. Here, you'll find a ton of older videos, from "Plan 9 From Outer Space" to Dario Argento giallo classic "Deep Red." For each movie or TV show, there are several download options from high quality DVD resolution to mobile device optimized alternatives. It's divided by category for ease of navigation.

Public Domain Torrents was the first torrent site I ever used after discovering BitTorrent for myself in 2006 following an interview with BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen. [Read: Pi Torrent box: Configure Transmission on Raspberry Pi]

2. Internet Archive

Internet Archive - Best Torrenting Sites 2018
The Internet Archive Hosts Lots Of Great Torrents

Like Public Domain Torrents, Internet Archive features a collection of largely public domain movies and shows. Best picks include "Night of the Living Dead," and "The House on Haunted Hill." It's simple to navigate by category, and a dedicated user base provides excellent reviews for featured material. Overall, Internet Archive is is easily one of the best legal torrenting sites 2018. [Read: Best private torrenting sites 2017]

3. Legit Torrents

Legit Torrents - Best Torrenting Sites 2018
Check Out These Completely Legal Torrents From Movies To Software

A best pick as legal torrent websites in 2018 go, Legit Torrents is a, well, legitimate torrent website. Here, you'll find everything from movies, music, TV shows, and game to software. There's even a dedicated Linux distro category for ease of finding Linux operating systems (OSes). As Legit Torrents proclaims, this is a good choice for completely legally free media downloads.

4. BitTorrent Now

Bittorrent Now - Best Torrenting Sites 2018
You Should Probably Head Over To Bittorrent Now...well, Now

It would be remiss to talk legal torrents without featuring BitTorrent Now. The official BitTorrent client partners with content creators to bring free and legal media to the masses. Plus, you'll find big names among the offerings, such as an album series by hip hop legends Camp Lo, and a torrent of music from the late, great Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Overall, with its smattering of superb torrent bundles from big names, BitTorrent Now is easily one of the top legal torrent sites 2018.

5. Vuze

Vuze - Best Legal Torrenting Sites 2018
A Hoppin' Torrent Site

Vuze originated as Azuerus in 2003 before transitioning to Vuze in 2006. Notably, it's an awesome Linux torrent client because of its clean interface and unique bridge between I2P and clearnet. However, Vuze also hosts legal torrent files. You'll find a bevy of matreial in several categories, from grindhouse m ovies to TED talks, and more. [Read: 8 Best BitTorrent clients for Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora]

6. Linux Tracker

Linux Tracker - Best Legal Torrenting Sites 2018
A Great Torrent Site For All Things Linux

Open-source software is free to download, and most every Linux OS includes a torrent download option. For Linux buffs, Linux Tracker is a veritable treasure trove of Linux distros. Keep this legal torrenting site bookmarked for all of your Linux distro hopping needs. [Read: Best torrent websites 2017]

7. Vodo

Vodo - Best Torrenting Sites 2018
Sweet Spot For Free, Legal Indie Film Torrents

A platform for both discovering and distributing independent content, Vodo offers lots of free, legal movies. It's entirely comprised of indie fare which vary greatly in their focus. Support indie cinema and start downloading these free, awesome flicks. [Read: Install Cardigann using Docker - Additional BitTorrent providers]

8. Miro

Miro - Best Torrenting Sites 2018
Take A Look At Miro

Open-source and non-profit site Miro hosts video and audio legal torrents. Selections range from the New Yorker Out Loud podcast to Rev3 Games podcast, and TED Talks. [Read: Install Transmission using Docker - BitTorrent download client]

9. Etree

Etree - Best Legal Torrenting Sites 2018
Free Legal Music Torrents, That's Music To My Ears

Live music junkies, check out Etree. It's a community for sharing live concert recordings. You'll find a bunch of high-quality recordings, including many FLAC albums. Head over to Etree and start filling up your harddrive with the finest in Grateful Dead live audio. [Read: How to install RuTorrent on Docker using Kitematic GUI]

10. Academic Torrents

Academic Torrents - Best Legal Torrenting Sites 2018
Get Smart With Academic Torrents

There's an important area where data sharing comes into play: academia. For that, try academic torrents. It's a superb resource for obtaining and distributing public data. This is a pretty specific site, and unlike offerings from Public Domain Torrents, Internet Archive, and Etree, you probably won't be filling up your media center with what you snag from Academic Torrents. Nevertheless, it's one of the top legal torrent sites 2018, even if a bit niche. [Read: Install RuTorrent using Docker - A uTorrent-like BitTorrent client]

Best legal torrenting sites 2018

From movies, TV, and music to software and educational resources, legal torrent sites present tons of information. Internet Archive, Public Domain Torrents, and Vodo are top choices for film and TV buffs. Etree and BitTorrent Now are excellent for music. Then on the software side, Linux Tracker is great, with Vuze and Legit Torrents offering loads of varied content. Want to make even more use out of your torrents? Check out Transdrone for Android to remotely manage your torrents. Additionally, you may consider installing htpcBeginner's own AtoMiC ToolKit for torrent automation.

However, these aren't the only sites for legal torrents and downloads. Which legal torrent websites do you suggest in 2018?

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