Quick Henscoqi F7 review: cheap and lightweight media player

If you are just starting to be a HTPC user, you might want to start with an inexpensive device. This way, you might have a taste of the features offered by Android media players without spending too much. If this is your case, in this Henscoqi F7 review you might find a device that will suit your needs, and still provide you with a good user experience, so that you will be convinced to finally cut the cord. Of course, when we speak about cheap devices, you might be tempted to think of one of the Android media sticks for less than $50 that are commonly found on the market; but if you want an inexpensive box you could call the best media player for Android -for its price-, then this might be the device for you. [Read: Quick Micca Speck review: a tiny and portable media player]

Henscoqi F7 Review Device
The Henscoqi F7 Is An Inexpensive Android Media Player With Surprising Technical Capabilities.

In this Henscoqi F7 review, we first notice a prominent antenna; which makes the Wi-Fi reception better when pointed towards the receiver. The Henscoqi F7 includes decent hardware that will allow you to stream with ease; albeit not as powerfully as if you were using an NVIDIA SHIELD TV or an Amazon Fire TV 4k. A decent, yet unassuming remote is included for your convenience; but, for a greater convenience, I would recommend using a wireless HTPC keyboard with the box. What else is in store for you if you get the Henscoqi F7 box? Let's find out:

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Henscoqi F7 review: inexpensive, yet useful

At less than 40 bucks, this is the Android box with the smallest price I have seen until now, and could very well be one of the best video players for Android OS. Not as small as other boxes, it does have 1GB RAM and 8GB memory that can be expanded to 16GB. Its Quad-Core processor will enable you to enjoy a smooth experience with your media, albeit you might have problems streaming or playing anything above 1080p. Some users report it is possible to get 4k out of this box, but I wouldn't hold my breath on it. Keep in mind this is an entry-level device, with very good specs for its price. Have a look at its technical specifications and see for yourself:

Henscoqi F7 Box Side View
The Henscoqi F7 Android Box Has An Usb Port And A Tf Card Slot On Its Side.

Henscoqi F7 review: technical specifications

  • CPU: Rockchip 3128 Quad-Core(1.3GHZ)
  • Memory: DDRIII 1GB
  • Flash: Nand Flash 8GB (Support 16GB)
  • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • IR: Infra Remote control
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • Power: DC input 5V/2A
  • 1*HDMI 1.4a: Up to 1080p resolution
  • 2*USB HOST: Host usb port
  • 1*SPDIF: Coaxial
  • 1*RJ45: 10/100 BaseT
  • 1*Power input: 5V/2A
  • Includes: Power charger adapter, HDMI cable, AV cable, IR remote User Manual.

As you can see in this Henscoqi F7 review, this device includes 2 USB ports, which means you can connect some peripherals to it and enhance its features. You can also connect it to older TV sets, since an AV output and cable are included. Regarding accessories, you will be able to connect the box right away, since it comes with its power charger, cables and user manual, as it's customary with most boxes on the entry-level range. [Read: Tronfy MXQ review: Quad-Core Android TV box for your HTPC]

Henscoqi F7 Review: Do you recommend this device?

Henscoqi F7 Android Player Rear View
On The Rear Of The Device We Can See The Rest Of The Ports. A Mini-Hdmi Output Lets The Device Send The Image To Your Tv Set.

This answer will be heavily dependent on what you want to get from your HTPC device. If you want to enter the world of HTPC and stream some media, with a casual approach to it, or perhaps even do some gaming from time to time on the big screen, our Henscoqi F7 review tells you that this device will satisfy your needs. It is a cheap device, that would also be ideal to get for the kids room, or even as a secondary device for yourself. Incidentally, if you let the kids use it, make sure you load Kodi with the 10 best Kodi addons for kids. You might want to install the Kodi Velocity addon to stream some movies and the occasional TV show as well. It's best to start with simple things, and with an inexpensive box, and the help of our tutorials and guides, you will surely have a great first approach to the HTPC world!

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