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HTPC News Roundup 2017 Wk 31: 64-bit Kodi, Live TV Kodi and Emby updates, OSMC tweaks

written by Moe Long August 4, 2017

Welcome to the htpcBeginner HTPC News Roundup 2017 Wk 31! This week saw live TV updates for Plex and Emby, a forthcoming 64-bit Kodi for Windows, and more Kodi addon news. Read on for the latest in HTPC news and updates!

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In case you missed them, here is a recap of all our interesting articles published last week:

HTPC News Around the Web

Plex pushes Live TV broadcasts to Apple TV, Android

Plex continues to update and hone its platform. In a major roll out, Plex added VR support for Samsung's headset and Galaxy S8 smartphone. Now, Plex brings its live TV and DVR functionality to the Apple TV and Android mobile platforms. This is a major development which further posits Plex as one of the best media server software options. [Read: Enable subtitles in Plex - How to download and configure subtitles for Plex]

As cord cutting flourishes with the likes of PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, and DirecTV Now, expect to see cable cutters flock to all sorts of technology, new and old. In a humorously titled piece, the Wall Street Journal reports on Millennials discovering a means to obtain TV for free: the antenna. [Read: 5 tips for users moving from Kodi to Plex - Things to consider]

Kodi v18: Windows 64-bit is here

The Kodi landscape continues to shift. With Kodi v18 on the horizon, there's a major new development: a 64-bit Kodi for Windows app. That means there's a 64-bit app of Kodi for each available platform. As a blog post on the Kodi website explains, users have been clamoring for a Kodi 64-bit version for Windows for years. While the likes of OSX, Android, and Linux received 64-bit Kodi iterations, Windows has yet to receive one until now. [Read: Guide: How to install Kodi UK Turk addon on your media center]

It's only been in the past year or two that the real benefits of a 64-bit version emerged. Namely, converting to a 64-bit app allowed for additional video format support and FFmpeg compatibility. But the process of turning that idea into a reality was slow going. It's a major development, and one sure to satisfy Windows Kodi users. [Read: 5 apps to edit subtitles manually for streaming to Kodi, Plex, and others]

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Emby live TV for Apple TV now in beta

Plex and Emby both revealed live TV updates for Apple TV. Whereas Plex's live TV functionality just left its beta, Emby's enters its beta. Both Emby and Plex are fantastic media server software options. While Plex is more streamlined for beginners, Emby carters to power users with its bevy of customization options. In this way, it's different than both Plex and Kodi. If you're an Emby user, please try out the live TV for Apple TV feature and submit bug reports to help test out the beta. [Read: Setup Emby Server with Odroid C2 - Alternative to Plex and Kodi]

OSMC's July update feat. better performance, Debian Stretch (9.0)

Install OSMC on Raspberry Pi

OSMC is a fantastic lightweight Kodi operating system. As usual, its July update is here with major developments around its platform as well as flagship streaming device, the Vero 4K. The Vero 4K gets a boost for its HDR and 10-bit content. [Read: How to configure VPN on OSMC with OpenVPN for Raspberry Pi]

On the OSMC platform side, Debian Stretch (9.0) is on the way for OSMC. There are already test builds. This will yield performance enhancements, more software packages to pick from, and updated software packages as well. Plus, tons of bug fixes and tweaks to improve the user experience. Check out the full blog post for the entire change log. [Read: Quick Vero 2 review: Unlock all the power of OSMC]

Now Kodi 'Navi-X' domains get signed over to law firm

As TorrentFreak reports, the Kodi addon repository TVAddons domain was transferred over to a Canadian law form. Now, the Navi-X has met the same end. Note, however, that Navi-X went offline in May, 2017. Similarly, several high-traffic Kodi addons went offline as well. What's strange is that TVAddons went offline because of a lawsuit. Yet Navi-X went offline before said lawsuit. However, both TVAddons and Navi-X were assimilated by the same Canadian law firm. It's unclear what percisely is transpiring. But as TorrentFreak suggests, it's probably some sort of legal aciton.

Did you find any interesting news stories or projects from around the HTPC space? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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