Introducing Organizr HTPC and homelab organization software

Organizr is a home theatre PC (HTPC) and homelab services organizer. The awesome program is PHP-based and aims to alleviate complexity in an HTPC setup. For instance, many homelabs feature a bevy of IPs, ports, and bookmarks. At the name implies, Organizr manages these various tools and programs with tabs.

With these tabs configured in Organizr, server navigation is much easier. Because of the often complex server architecture, this project simplifies navigation. With its slew of homelab management features, the Organizr HTPC configuration tool is an excellent addition to any setup.

Introducing Organizr HTPC Software: Highlight Features

Organizer Htpc/Homelab Set Up Tool
Organizer Htpc And Homelab Organization Tool

Among its best features, Organizr boasts Plex, Emby, sFTP, and LDAP logins. It also supports custom tab creation. There's mobile support and a default launch page. For apps, Organizer allows for custom icons. Additionally, Organizer offers

We are pleased to announce that we'll be introducing Organizr to our AtoMiC Toolkit. A forthcoming AtoMiC update sports Organizer support. So check back soon for an improved and revamped iteration of htpcBeginner's own AtoMiC Toolkit, now with Organizr. [Read: Presenting AtoMiC ToolKit 2.0 - with GUI and more features]

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Complete Organizr feature set

Organizr HTPC software offers excellent functionality for maintaining a homelab setup. As such, we are pleased to include it in out forthcoming AtoMiC ToolKit update. Check out the full list of Organizr HTPC software features below:

  • Login with Plex/Emby/LDAP or sFTP credentials
  • Custom tabs for your services
  • Fullscreen Support
  • Pin/Unpin sidebar
  • Mobile support
  • Set default page on launch
  • Enable or Disable loading icon
  • Customise loading icon
  • Upload new icons with ease
  • Enable or disable iFrame for your tabs
  • User management support: Create, delete and promote users from the user management console
  • 3 user classes available: admin, user, guest
  • 9 Different themes available
  • Personalise any theme: Customise the look and feel of Organizr with access to the colour palette
  • Organizr login log viewer
  • Fail2ban support (see wiki)
  • Nginx Cookie Authentication support
  • Protect new user account creation with registration password
  • 'Forgot Password' support [receive an email with your new password, prerequisites: mail server setup]
  • Multiple login support
  • Keyboard shortcut support (Check help tab in settings)
  • Split-screen support (view two tabs side-by-side on Organizr)
  • Gravatr Support
  • Loading screen icon support
  • Customise the top bar by adding your own site logo or site name
  • Slim option available for top bar
  • Additional language support [EN, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL]
  • Quick access tabs [access your tabs quickly e.g.]
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