Introducing Organizr HTPC and homelab organization software


Organizr is a home theatre PC (HTPC) and homelab services organizer. The awesome program is PHP-based and aims to alleviate complexity in an HTPC setup. For instance, many homelabs feature a bevy of IPs, ports, and bookmarks. At the name implies, Organizr manages these various tools and programs with tabs. … read more

AtoMiC ToolKit Update Feb 2017- Exciting new features

Atomic Toolkit From

It has been exactly a year since AtoMiC ToolKit 2.0 was released with an awesome new GUI to make life even more easier. AtoMiC ToolKit (Automated Media Center), automates home server software installation and maintenance. We have written in detail about how AtoMiC ToolKit works. Today, I happy to announce … read more