Guide: How to use Kodi WatchedList backup and restore

If you have been following our posts lately, you probably remember our list for the 7 best addons to backup Kodi watched status. Pretty much the only addon that can perform this backup locally is the Kodi WatchedList addon, on a SQLite file or a MySQL server  that runs either locally or on a server that you are able to access or control. In our latest guide, we told you how to install and configure this addon. In this guide, we tell you how to perform the Kodi WatchedList backup process, so that you will not lose the information about your watched movies and TV shows, as well as the Kodi WatchedList restore process to get these marks back in case you lose them. [Read: Kodi MySQL setup for sharing media library]

Kodi Watchedlist Backup Image
With The Kodi Watchedlist Addon You Can Backup And Restore Your Watched Marks Locally For All Your Media.

The operation of the Kodi WatchedList addon is rather simple, in the sense that no user interaction is required for these processes, ensuring that you can focus on browsing your Kodi movie list and watching your TV shows without worrying about the watched mark status. This allows you to design your media center around comfort and convenience. If you want additional levels of comfort you should use a wireless HTPC keyboard with your Kodi device, such as the Logitech K400 wireless keyboard, or any other you find enjoyable to use.

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How to use Kodi WatchedList for backup and restore?

With any of these Kodi backup and restore addons focused on watched status marks, we find two different procedures that can be performed: creating the backup and restoring the watched marks from a backup. In the case of Kodi WatchedList backup addon, these processes are automatic, as long as the configuration has been done properly. [Read: How to disable Kodi Watched status logging?]

Kodi WatchedList backup

The backup is done every time you start Kodi. After you start Kodi, the databases are searched for watched information. Then, whatever movies and TV shows have been newly watched, are written to the addon database. This Kodi WatchedList backup process is completely automatic and doesn't require any interaction from the user. While it is taking place, you will see some notifications on the bottom-right corner of your Kodi skin.

Kodi Watchedlist Backup Automatic
Start Kodi And, If Properly Configured, Watchedlist Will Scan The Kodi Databases For Watched Media.

Kodi WatchedList restore

Similarly, the Kodi WatchedList restore process is automatic. Media that appears as watched on the database, but does not appear with the same status on Kodi, will be marked as watched in Kodi. This lets you perform any major changes on your Kodi install, and, if you lose the watched marks information, you would have to simply re-install the addon (if necessary) and connect to the same database again, then wait for the automatic process to restore your watched marks. While the restoration is taking place, you will see some notifications on the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Kodi Watchedlist Restore Notification
When The Addon Finds Movies Or Tv Shows Marked As Watched On The Database, It Will Mark Them As Watched On Kodi. In This Case, No Status Was Modified.

Kodi WatchedList backup and restore: a word on the database

The database used by Kodi WatchedList addon, only contains three tables, and two of them are the most useful. One contains the IMDb numbers that identify your watched movies, and the other one contains the TheTVDB numbers for your watched TV shows. This basically means that any media that has the same number will be marked as watched, regardless of any other factors such as resolution or quality. This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the user. [Read: How to properly use the FlexGet IMDb Plugin]

Use Kodi Watchedlist Database
The Database For Watched Movies Contains Last Played Date, Last Change Date, Movie Title And Imdb Code. A Similar Table Is Held In The Database For Tv Shows.

That's it! You have successfully learned how does Kodi WatchedList backup work! Of course, you can combine this experience with addons that let you browse lots of content such as TV shows and movies. Perhaps you could install Exodus on Kodi to get access to lots of content via streaming; or you could also check these 10 best Kodi movies addons for some ideas on what to install. Never watch the same movie twice in a row (unless you want exactly that) with the help of the useful Kodi WatchedList backup addon!

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