5 smart home gadgets that make excellent house warming gifts 2017

Moving to a house is among the most exciting experiences. That's because each space provides unlimited potential and a promise of an entirely fresh start. Smart home gadgets make ideal house warming gifts. Such devices not only allow the residents to feel comfortable in their new abode. Additionally, they make the process of adapting to the new environment much easier. Forget about the mainstream picture frame and potted plants and go for the following home automation gifts. Check out the best smart home gadgets that make excellent house warming gifts 2017.

Smart home gifts ideas 2017

When selecting a house warming smart home gadget, think about what the homeowner wants. If they're into music, think about a smart speaker. Alternatively, smart bulbs are always a good pick. Then there are specialized devices like connected coffee makers. Check out the top smart home house warming gifts for 2017!

Smart Light Bulbs

5 Smart Home Gadgets That Make Excellent House Warming Gifts - 2017 Philips Hue
Who Doesn't Want Smart Bulbs?

While ordinary bulbs work fine, the technology behind smart light bulbs makes them fun and unique. When replaced by the incandescent bulbs, bright light bulbs are easily adjusted using your smartphone at any given time. Moreover, these include features such as scheduled timers as well as remote control options. There are plenty of options, but Philips Hue bulbs remain some of the best. [Read: 4 best Philips Hue compatible bulbs to buy in 2017]

Smart coffee machine

Behmor's app-controlled coffee maker links to the Web for better brewing

An intelligent coffee machine is an ideal choice for your coffee loving friends. Such a smart home gadget is smart phone-controlled making it possible to plan an inviting brew from anywhere in the house. Visualize waking up to a hot pot of coffee every one morning without having ever to lift a finger! Say goodbye to fussing about with the French press and control everything with a handful tender smart phone gestures. For instance, the Behmor connected coffee maker is a solid choice.

Samsung SmartThings Multi-Purpose Sensor

Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor F-SS-MULT-001- Overview

Because security is a major concern to every new homeowner, home automation devices such as the Samsung SmartThings Multi-Purpose Sensor come in handy. It is a great tool to attach to your smart Samsung hub. By attaching the sensor to your doors or windows, it can send alerts to your smart phone when the windows or doors are left without closing. Therefore, the sensor serves two purposes. One being providing excellent home efficiency as well as a particular measure of smart home security. Knowing when your door has opened may alert you of a home invasion. [Read: Samsung SmartThings vs Wink Hub - Whish one is better for whom?]

Connected Personal Assistant

5 Smart Home Gadgets That Make Excellent House Warming Gifts - 2017 - Echo Dot
Smart Speakers Are Really Nifty And Fun

For any home automation newbie, a connected personal assistant such as Echo is an excellent stand-alone smart home gadget. The reason behind the above statement is because the capabilities of the such a home automation device are incredible. Only ask your digital personal assistant such as Amazon Alexa to carry out a task such as play music or call an Uber for you, and she will get it done in a jiffy. Digital personal assistants like the Amazon Echo work through responding to the voice commands of the smart home owner. By choosing a connected personal assistant as a house warming gift, you not only make the work of the receiver easier but also less tedious and modern. They can only forget about moving up and down the house by asking Alexa to dim the lights, adjust temperatures or activate their smart alarm system. [Read: Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Which is better for smart home control?]

Nest Thermostat

5 Smart Home Gadgets That Make Excellent House Warming Gifts - 2017 - Nest
Photo: Amazon.com. Outfit Your Nest With A...nest.

For the eco-friendly or the penny-pincher kind of friends, a nest thermostat is an ideal smart housewarming gadget. And just like the Holmes air purifier, the Nest thermostat works with Belkin WeMo Switch Smart Plug. When the two home automation devices are used together, the home can know when the owner gets in especially at night and respond by turning the lights on as well as adjusting the temperatures.

Smart home gadgets that make excellent house warming gifts 2017

When selecting a smart home house warming gift, think about what the recipient wants. If they're into coffee, consider a smart coffee maker. Alternately connected lighting is always a safe best. But also consider the physical location. What you'll get for an apartment dweller is drastically different than a home owner.

Your turn: What smart home gifts do you recommend?

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