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Smart Home News Roundup 2017 Wk 39: Nvidia Shield TV smart home features, LG gains Google Assistant, and more

written by Moe Long September 29, 2017

Welcome to the SmartHomeBeginner smart home News Roundup 2017 Wk 39. This week saw the Nvidia Shield TV gain smart home features, Wink Hub vulnerabilities, new August offerings, and more. Read on for the latest in smart home news and updates!

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Nvidia's Shield TV is the latest home for Google Assistant

The Nvidia Shield TV is one of the top streaming devices available. There are tons of streaming apps for the Shield TV, plus it's a fabulous Plex client device, and retro gaming machine. One of its best features was integration with Google Home, plus standard voice search built into its remote and gamepad.

Now, the Shield TV benefits from Google Assistant. Therefore, you can utilize your home theatre as a massive 'Ok Google' smart speaker. Further, the Shield TV gets Samsung SmartThings integration. As such, the flagship set top box is a nifty connected device hub. With its bevy of entertainment and smart home features, the Nvidia Shield TV is a truly usefful device. You can even use it as a DVR and Plex server.

As smart homes become smarter, tech companies rush to get in the door

With advancements in smart home tech, companies continue to vie for a foothold in the space. Where once home automation was only feasible for a hefty price, there are plenty of affordable smart home devices to transform any home. [Read: What is a smart home and what can smart home automation do for you?]

Thus, tech vendors are increasingly focusing on the smart home sector. This includes both tech companies, as well as outlets. For instance, Apple debuted its HomeKit and released a partnership with Brookfield Residential to cobble together a smart home community. Meanwhile, outlets like Best Buy are increasingly concentrating on the smart home sector.

LG integrates Google Assistant in dozens of smart appliances

There's been a huge push to turn almost every conceivable gadget into a smart appliance. LG has integrated Google Assistant into loads of its smart appliances, from TVs which seems natural, to dryers, ovens, refrigerators, air purifiers, vacuums, and washing machines. The main goal is to create a fully connected home and provide more opportunities for automation. [Read: Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Whish is better for smart home control?]

Why UK homeowners are not adopting smart home technology

Though smart homes and connected devices are incredibly popular, the UK has yet to see huge adoption. As Geeky Gadgets reports, security is the main reason why UK adults remain hesitant to opt for smart tech. Roughly 63% of UK residents allow that cyber crimespecifically related to smart home technology prevents them from creating a smart home. [Read: 5 best wireless outdoor security cameras 2017 - Wireless outdoor security cameras to monitor your home]

With the discovery of vulnerabilities in the likes of Wink’s Hub 2 and Insteon’s Hub, these concerns totally seem valid. Nevertheless, the smart tech industry continues to flourish. [Read: Samsung SmartThings vs Wink Hub - Which one is better for whom?]

August adds three devices to its growing smart home roster

Connected device company August debuted two new smart locks as well as a smart doorbell to its product array. There's the Smart Lock Pro, Smart Lock, and Doorbell Cam Pro. This follows Nest's foray deeper into the smart home space with its security offerings. It's clear that security is still one of the most popular smart home realms. Thankfully for consumers, with additional choices from vendors like August, it's even easier to find affordable solutions to upgrade to a smart home.

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