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Smart Home News Roundup 2017 Wk 41: Works with Sonos, Google Home expansion, and more

written by Moe Long October 13, 2017

Welcome to the SmartHomeBeginner smart home News Roundup 2017 Wk 41. This week saw Sonos expand third-party integrations, Google Home update multi-room use, and more. Read on for the latest in smart home news and updates!

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Smart Home News Around the Web

Consumers showing affinity for smart home products

smart home beginnerAs Media Post reports, smart home products are growing. NPD Group allows that 15% of American homes with Internet own home automation gadgets. This has grown from the 10% reported in April 2016. Plus, sales are up by 43%. Leading the pack, monitoring and security devices as well as video doorbells and smart lighting rank among the most popular.

The Google Home Mini is the easiest way to get into the smart home

It's increasingly simple to foray into the smart home space. One of the simplest means is with a Google Home Mini. It's the latest iteration in the Google Home line, and as the name suggests, it's smaller than the vanilla Home. Its price point comes in around $50, and this makes it a direct competitor to the Amazon Echo Dot. So if you seek a seamless way to begin building a smart home, look to the Google Home Mini.

Amazon is winning the smart home speaker wars by a huge margin

Which Amazon Echo Device Should I Buy? - Echo Plus

Smart home buffs, check out the Echo Plus

There are loads of smart home speaker options, but Amazon continues to dominate. Strategy Analytics reveals that Amazon is beasting in the smart speaker battle. Google remains a top competitor, although Apple, with its forthcoming HomePod, is lagging behind. Amazon, Google, and Baidu should continue to stay strong through 2020. Notably, its range of choice in smart speakers, from the Dot to the Echo Show, offer plenty of options for consumers with a variety of priorities. [Read: 6 Best smart speakers for 2017: Speakers for your smart home]

Privacy is cost of WhatsApp, smartphones, smart speakers, and you are already paying it

Despite the wonders of connectivity, a major pain point in the smart home space is privacy. The Google Home Mini, for instance, recorded sounds constantly and transmitted this back to Google. While this contant recording may be innocuous, it's pretty insidious particularly if that data is breached.

Brilliant Lights raises $21 Million series A to bring smart home automation to everyone

Startup Brilliant Lights has raised which will bring smart home automation to everyone. The company, which spawned Brilliant Control that gave users touch and voice control for lights, music, and climate control, raised a whopping $21 million in Series A investments. Former Sonos sales exec Kostas Reissis is its new VP of Sales. This is evidence of the growing acceptance, and excitement, over smart home connectivity.

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