5 different ways to watch ESPN live on any device using Kodi, OTT services, more

When it comes to watching sports, there are tons of options. But ESPN remains the most popular, especially for viewing college sports such as football, or professional matches like NFL games. Learn how to watch ESPN live on any device using over-the-top (OTT) services, Kodi addons, and more! [Read: 5 Websites to watch college football online for free]

College Football and NFL Watching Guides 2019:

Streaming ESPN online

There are several methods for watching ESPN online. Which medium you select depends on your specific devices as well as your streaming needs.

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1.Over-the-top (OTT) services

Stream College Football Live In 2017 - Sling Tv Watch Espn Live Online

Whereas over-the-air content may be freely accessed using an antenna, OTT broadcasting is delivered using the Internet. For streaming ESPN using over-the-top services, you have several options.

2. ESPN and WatchESPN apps

Watch Espn Live Online - Watchespn App

Another fantastic solution for streaming ESPN online comes from the ESPN app or WatchESPN app. In a major update, ESPN debuted a new ESPN mobile app which consolidated its ESPN app with the WatchESPN app. But on certain devices like Roku and Apple TV, you'll need the WatchESPN app.

You'll need a compatible provider. If you have a cable or satellite package with ESPN networks, you likely have access to ESPN and WatchESPN. For instance, you may use a login from the likes of Cox, AT&T U-verse, Google Fiber, Dish Network, Spectrum, or Brighthouse. Notably, IPTV services PS Vue and Sling TV also boast ESPN and WatchESPN authentication. [Read: How to stream college football on Kodi - 2017 streaming guide]

3. ESPN3.com

Watch Espn Live Online - Espn3

Similarly, ESPN3 allows users to watch ESPN live online. Like with ESPN and WatchESPN app, you'll need a compatible provider for authentication. University students may receive access using a .edu email address, and U.S.-based military may also be able to stream via ESPN3. However, unlike WatchESPN where a pay TV service is required, some Internet-only packages provide ESPN3 access so it's available to more users. [Read: Complete guide to stream college football live in 2017]

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Update (November 20, 2017): The following items were removed from the list as the streaming modes may infringe upon copyrights:

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Watch ESPN live online - Final thoughts

There's no shortage of methods for streaming ESPN online live. Which you opt for depends on what you have at your disposal. For those with a compatible cable or satellite package, the WatchESPN app is a viable means. Many users including students gain access via ESPN3. IPTV subscribers have plenty of choices.

Your turn: How do you watch ESPN online?

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