12 Best websites to watch college football online for free in 2020

If you are looking for free websites to watch College Football online, then read on. In this article, we will share 12 websites (working as of 9/5/2020) that live stream CFB games for free.

College football season almost upon us and finding ways to watch college football online for free is a big challenge. Earlier, we wrote about how to watch ESPN on Kodi. While you may use the websites listed below watch college football live for free, the quality never comes close to subscription level. Nevertheless, here is a list of six websites to watch college football online. [Read: 10 best Kodi sports addons in 2015 for your HTPC]

Updated: September 5, 2020
College Football and NFL Watching Guides 2019:

Watch college football online – 2020

There are multiple ways to watch sports online but if you are trying to watch live NCAA football online in the last minutes these five websites could help you out. Note, however, that while many of these options do function, expect rampant pop-ups. When using these free streaming websites, I noted a ton of pop up ads. [Read: How to stream college football on Kodi – 2017 streaming guide]

Use caution, and don't download anything. Additionally, you'll likely need to try several different links to find a functioning stream. Still, if you're willing to slog through the work of closing bothersome pop-ups and trying several links, these are fantastic resources for streaming live college football online. For complete protection, please use a VPN such as IPVanish (save 20% off any plan for one cycle with coupon code HTPCBEGINNER). [Read: 10 best Kodi addons to watch college football live]

How to Watch College Football Live? - TV Channels, PS Vue, Sling TV, Kodi, Android TV
Must Read: Complete guide to stream college football live in 2019 Not in US? Get a VPN and gain access (20% OFF Link).
Channel OTA OTT1 Apps, Websites, and Kodi Addons Smart Device5
ABC2 Yes PS Vue, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, Sling TV Apps (paid)
Sling TV, PS Vue, Watch ESPN, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports Go, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, fuboTV

Streaming Sites4- (VPN Protection Suggested)
WatchESPN.com (paid)
r/CFBstreams (free)
firstrowas.eu (free)
cricfree.org (free)
stream2watch.com (free)
vipbox.im (free)
liveball.tv (free)
See more websites

TV Schedules

Kodi Addons (Free)5 - (VPN Protection Suggested)
VDubt25, SportsDevil, Pac-12, CastAway, USTV Now, Dexter TV, Cliq!, cCloudTV

Amazon Fire TV:
Apps listed on the left
Mobdro App (free)
Kodi with Addons (free)
SPMC with Addons (free)

Android TV Box:
Apps listed on the left
Mobdro App (free)
Kodi with Addons (free)
SPMC with Addons (free)

Apps listed on the left

Apps listed on the left
Websites on the left
Kodi with Addons (free)
FreeTelly (free)

NBC2 Yes PS Vue, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, Sling TV
FOX2 Yes PS Vue, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, DirecTV Now
CBS SN No Hulu TV, YouTube TV, fuboTV
ESPN No Sling TV, PS Vue, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now
ESPN 2 No Sling TV, PS Vue, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now
ESPN U No PS Vue, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now
ESPN News No PS Vue, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now
Fox Sports No Sling3 and PS Vue, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, fuboTV
BTN No PS Vue, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, fuboTV
SECN No Sling TV, PS Vue, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now
Pac-12N No Sling TV
1 YouTube TV, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, and fuboTV offer 7 days of free-trial. Hulu TV boasts a 1 month free trials.
2Live coverage only in select markets
3Available only in select markets.
4Warning! Some of the websites have notorias ads and popups that install malware. Watch where you click.
5Some of the addons or apps may be legally questionable. Use your discretion or protect yourself with a VPN.

College football live streaming websites

Watching games through these websites is equivalent to stealing cable. But for many folks who are outside the US, this can offer some relief. Many sites have shut down or moved to another domain. [Read: Complete guide to stream college football live in 2017]

However, I am adding the following section with the updated list of websites that can stream live sports. At the time of writing this guide, the following websites appear to carry live streams of channels that telecast college football games.

Modes of streaming available through some of these free channels may be legally questionable. Therefore, VPN protection is suggested. Furthermore, be cautious where you click as these free websites typically contain inconspicuous malware ads.
Sports and Live TV Streaming Websites 2019:

While I do not recommend this, some of my readers have reported that they were able to use WatchESPN.com, with a friend's subscription.

1. r/CFBstreams

Update (October 19, 2020): This subreddit has been taken down (DMCA). Streams have permanently moved to https://sportsurge.net/.

Your first resource to find college football streaming links should be the cfbstreams subreddit. Links to several free college football streams are posted here around game time.

Check cfbstreams Subreddit around game time for streaming links
Check cfbstreams Subreddit around game time for streaming links

Note that this subreddit is usually empty on non-game days. So be sure to check right around game time.

2. firstrowas.eu

This site has been shut down several times but it keeps coming back, now as ifirstrowus.eu. It is easy enough to find what you are looking for and is one of the best ways to watch college football online.

ifirstrowus - Watch Sports Online for Free

There are multiple links to watch American football games live online, some of them may be dead. If a link is live just wait until the countdown is done and click on the close button to get rid of the overlaid ad. Aside from American football, you'll find football (or soccer for those in the States), basketball, hockey, rugby, and tennis. [Read: What Plex Client Hardware is Right for You?]

Severals mirrors for this site also exist:

IPVanish VPN Exclusive Offer - only $3.25 per month:

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8. stream2watch.mestream2watch - NCAA Football Online Streaming

Again, nothing fancy here just another site to stream college football and NFL live. Plus, there's a variety of other sports streaming online, from UFC to basketball and baseball. Moreover, you'll find live TV streaming as well as sports content. It also has live streams of several other sports. [Read: 10 of the Best XBMC Addons in 2014]

9. circfree.org

watch college football online - circfree

Branded as the home of streaming circfree presents a bevy of streaming content. You'll find everything from basketball to football, American football, fighting, and more. Icons at the top of the site indicate specific sports for sorting streams appropriately. Ultimately, it's a barebones but useful streaming source.

10. vipbox.im

Formerly vipbox.sz, vipbox.bz is a free streaming sports site. Thie one boasts arguably the best layout with visually-pleasing icons for each sport. Aside from NCAA football, you'll find hockey, tennis, basketball, and even motorsports.

best websites to watch college football online for free - VipBox

Just beware of the popups and don't download anything.

11. streamhd.live

On stream-hd.net, you'll find an aesthetic that mimics ESPN. The red and black color combination feels like a sporty website, and there's decent HD quality plus excellent sorting options.

best websites to watch college football online for free - streamhdnet

12. liveball.tv

Formerly liveball.tv is the final item on this list of websites to watch college football online. Of course, like most others on this list, it also streams NFL and several
other sports as well.

watch college football online - livestreamto

Not working (as of 8/28/2020)

Unfortunately, a few sites went offline. But in their heyday, these were go-tos for anyone wishing to watch college football online for free.

1. wiziwig.tv

While wiziwig.tv is no more, it was replaced by streamhub.hk.

2. vipbox.sz

Although vipbox.sz is no more, it redirects to vipbox.bz which is a top free streaming sports website.

3. streamhub.hk

Formerly WiZiWiG.tv, streamhub.hk succeeded the free live streaming website.

4. xrxs.net

xrxs.net also has NCAA football online streaming live.

5. justfirstrowsports.com

justfirstrowsports.com as the name suggests is a mirror of the famous First Row Sports.

Final Thoughts on Websites to Watch College Football Online 2020

Finally, if you have Internet and you subscribe to cable then you can check the schedule and places to watch football online on isthegameon.com. Once again note that nothing comes close to watching sports through subscription. But if you have an emergency moment the above list of college football streaming sites are worth checking out. While these are the top choices for watching NCAA football online, there are plenty of other options. Streaming services, both free and paid, as well as Kodi addons offer excellent means to stream college football online.

Your turn: what online streaming sources do you recommend for college football?

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