What Plex Client Hardware is Right for You?

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Are you looking for Plex client hardware to compliment your new installation of Plex media server? Then look no further than this list I have assembled containing the most up-to-date hardware available to use today. Installing the media server is all well and good but without a client to stream … read more

How to Listen to Google Music on XBMC?

Play Google Music On Xbmc

Google Play Music is a subscription based music streaming service from, obviously, Google. If you haven’t already tried it yet, Google Music is a great way of listening to your favourite tunes on Android, iOS or a web browser. But can you run Google Music on XBMC? Now you can. … read more

How to Find Free to Use Images for Your Blog

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Visual content is massively important to your blog, it creates interest for your posts and also has the potential of increasing website traffic. Studies show the human brain processes imagery 60,000x faster than text with 90% of day-to-day information transmitted being visual. The trouble is finding free to use images … read more

5 of the Best Ubuntu Pre Installed Laptops in 2014

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Ubuntu laptop compatibility with hardware is a common issue but Ubuntu pre installed laptops alleviate some of problems. Hardware support on Ubuntu has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years. Wireless cards are usually a problem as sometimes only a proprietary driver is available with no free … read more

Creating a Puppy Linux Live CD on Ubuntu or Windows

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Hands up if you’ve ever been faced with a computer containing a corrupted operating system. You boot up the machine only to be faced with a black screen displaying some form of error. That’s where Puppy Linux comes in as one of its many uses is the ability to fix … read more

10 of the Best XBMC Addons in 2014

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The beauty of XBMC is its ability to expand through the use of addons. Depending on what you are into there will always be a plugin which will help expand the feature set of your HTPC. These plugins enable you to build a real media powerhouse right in your living … read more

Now TV Box the £10 Media Streamer from Sky

Now Tv Box

You may or may not have heard of the Now TV Box available from the satellite TV company Sky. In the UK, these little boxes are available for the measly sum of £10 ($16.82) which makes it excellent value for money. The Now TV Box is backed by three subscription … read more